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Female scientists strike success at the Australian Museum’s 2021 Eureka prizes

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Trailblazing female scientists, black summer bushfire research, a 3D cell printer and a science education program for remote Indigenous students were among those recognised at the Australian Museum’s Eureka prizes on ...

Attacking rarely wins international prizes now so what will Southgate do?

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International football is different. It’s not like club football. It has gone from being the highest form of the game – the stage on which the average level of the players was greatest – to lagging behind the club gam...

Vorige poësiepryse is 'n kortlys van voormalige jongmense-wenner Caleb Femi

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Caleb Femi, die voormalige jongmenswenner vir Londen, is op die kortlys vir een van die gesogte Forward-pryse vir poësie vir sy eerste bundel Poor, 'n verkenning van die grootword van Swart in Peckham. Femi, ...

‘I want the biggest prizes’: Harry Kane opens up on frustration at Tottenham

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Harry Kane has expressed frustration at a continued inability to achieve his ambition of winning major trophies at Tottenham in comments that will raise alarm about his happiness at the club. The striker’s future has ...