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English schools must not teach ‘white privilege’ as fact, government warns

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English schools should not teach “contested theories and opinions … such as white privilege” as fact, the government has said prior to the publication of new guidance outlining how teaching certain political issues co...

Tory MP says people using term ‘white privilege’ should be reported as extremists

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A Conservative MP has said anyone using the term “white privilege” should be reported to the government’s counter-terror programme, and that teachers who criticise the Conservative party should be sacked. Jonathan Gul...

Can I Live? review – privilege, protest and the climate crisis

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There is a moment in Fehinti Balogun’s one-hour show when he recalls finding himself in a room full of climate activists with not one face that looks like his. The protest group Extinction Rebellion has certainly been...

Patrick Bamford hopes England call can help him dispel privilege myths

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Patrick Bamford is fluent in four languages, his dad is a billionaire, his private school pushed him to play rugby and he rejected a place at Harvard to become a professional footballer instead. Only one is correct, y...

Barnado’s blogpost on white privilege did not breach charity laws

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Barnardo’s did not breach charity laws when it published a blogpost on its website discussing racial inequality and white privilege, inadvertently thrusting it to the centre of a culture wars row, the charities watchd...

The White Lotus is the best satire of wealth privilege on TV right now

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There’s a moment in the fourth episode of The White Lotus, the spiky six-part HBO limited series about a sour week between staff and guests at a Hawaiian resort, that epitomizes the show’s deft grip on the language of...

Amnesty International has culture of white privilege, il rapporto trova

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Amnesty International has a culture of white privilege with incidents of overt racism including senior staff using the N-word and micro-aggressive behaviour such as the touching of black colleagues’ hair, according to...

Malcolm Gladwell: ‘I deplore people who deny the extent of their privilege’

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Born in England and raised in Canada, Malcolm Gladwell, 57, has written for the New Yorker since 1996. Nel 2000 he published The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference, the first of six bestsellers....

Myths of Asian privilege fuel a brutal and cartoonish bigotry

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Beyond the horror of the shooting in Atlanta of eight people, six of them Asian women, lies the fraught question “why?". In all probability, a multitude of factors – racism, misogyny, religious belief, personal inadeq...