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Private children’s home bosses in England criticised over huge profits

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Children’s home providers in England should not be able to profit from caring for society’s most vulnerable children, the new head of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) ha detto. Steve Crocker ...

Disney tells investors Florida’s attempts to repeal private district are unlawful

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Disney has told investors that attempts by the state of Florida to repeal the company’s ability to operate a private government in the state are unlawful, in a move that could thwart Florida’s retaliation against Disn...

Private equity executive sought to undermine NSO critics, Zahawi rivedrà il tutoraggio di recupero di Covid dopo le critiche al fornitore

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When Downing Street was recently named as the suspected victim of a phone hack by the United Arab Emirates using the Israeli-made spyware, Pegaso, few were surprised at who was behind the discovery. The Citizen Lab a...

‘Housing in Australia is broken’: only 1.6% of private rentals are affordable for those on minimum wage

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Solo 1.6% of private rental properties in Australia are affordable for minimum wage earners and all but zero for those on benefits, Anglicare’s annual snapshot has found. The Rental Affordability report, released on T...

‘How did I let her go there?': mother laments daughter’s private hospital death

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Caroline Sharp believed that when her daughter Emma Pring was admitted for treatment at the private Cygnet hospital in Maidstone, it would be a turning point in her daughter’s life. “In some ways it was my naivety, bu...

Private mental health hospitals repeatedly criticised for unsafe care

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The main private mental health hospital chains that treat NHS patients have been criticised by coroners and inquest juries dozens of times over the last decade for providing unsafe care. The Priory, Cygnet and Elysium...

NHS paying £2bn a year to private hospitals for mental health patients

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The NHS is paying £2bn a year to private hospitals to care for mental health patients because it does not have enough of its own beds, il Guardian può rivelare. The independent sector receives about 13.5% of the £14.8b...

Private paradise: The French Polynesian island locking locals out of beaches

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Last November more than 2,000 people arrived on Temae beach, the heart of Mo’orea island in French Polynesia. The gathering was a a traditional cultural ceremony called a tahei, which saw people tie braided ti leaf co...

Florida advances bill to repeal Disney’s private district amid ‘don’t say gay’ feud

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The Florida senate passed a bill on Wednesday to repeal a law allowing Walt Disney World to operate a private government over its properties in the state, escalating a feud with the entertainment giant over its opposi...

Schools chaplaincy provider bans cohabitation and ‘sexually intrusive’ behaviour in staff’s private life

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Australia’s second biggest schools chaplaincy provider imposes a code that discriminates against staff based on relationship status and sexual conduct, a whistleblower has alleged. Caragh Larsen, a former Schools Mini...

Police misconduct hearing for sexual offence to be held in private

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A police misconduct hearing involving three senior officers after accusations of a sexual offence at a drinks party will be held in private, with the public and media banned. Ch Supt Mark Warrender and Ch Supt Marc Bu...

NatWest returns to majority private control as it buys back £1.2bn in shares

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NatWest Group has returned to majority private ownership after it agreed to buy back £1.2bn of shares from the UK government, più di 13 years after the company was bailed out by taxpayers at the height of the finan...

NatWest bank returns to majority private control, oil prices fall on Shanghai lockdown – business live

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Moscow stock exchange to resume normal trading for a half day

Are women’s bodies private property? In Idaho, apparently they are

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If there was any doubt that Roe v Wade has been nullified, Idaho’s governor, Brad Little, put an end to it on Wednesday, when he signed SB1309, known officially as the Fetal Heartbeat Preborn Child Protection Act, int...

Private emails reveal Michael Gove’s role in Tory-linked firm’s PPE deals

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Michael Gove was secretly involved in the process through which a PPE company linked to the Tory peer Michelle Mone secured huge government contracts, according to newly released documents that show private emails bei...

Private investigator says drug kingpin ordered hit on Red Sox star David Ortiz

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A drug trafficker who was jealous of David Ortiz and felt disrespected by him had him shot at a Dominican nightclub in 2019, according to private investigators the Red Sox slugger hired to look into the attack that ne...

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