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Kobe Bryant, Dale Earnhardt and the fight to keep athletesdeaths private

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This past weekend, Kobe Bryant’s widow, Vanessa, called on the Los Angeles county sheriff’s department to reveal the names of people who took or shared photos of the helicopter crash site where nine people, incluso ...

‘Men are like dogs’: what I was taught about sexual assault at my Catholic private school

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When a petition recently went viral, documenting over 3,000 cases of sexual assault by boys at Sydney private schools, I was saddened and sickened – but not surprised – to find a testimonial from a female student at m...

Greensill Capital’s collapse: how it all went wrong for the Australian farmer with four private planes

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The day former UK prime minister David Cameron popped in must have been an odd one in the little office inhabited by the 15 or so employees of The Bond & Credit Co, a small insurance business run out of the 14th ...

Covid vaccine shortfalls leaving Australia’s private health workers at risk, AMA advierte

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Governments urged to prioritise doctors and staff as access and booking issues affect health workersPrivate practice specialist doctors are being left out of the vaccine rollout, with limited supply and difficulties w...

Ofsted chief asked for greater powers to monitor private schools

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The chief inspector of schools in England asked for greater powers to monitor independent schools over “potential safeguarding issues”, but was ignored by ministers, el guardián puede revelar. Despite concerns raised b...

Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Por qué?

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Bill Gates has never been a farmer. So why did the Land Report dub him “Farmer Bill” this year? The third richest man on the planet doesn’t have a green thumb. Nor does he put in the back-breaking labor humble people ...

Monkeys thought to have escaped private collection on loose in Cincinnati

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At least five monkeys are on the loose in Cincinnati after being spotted swinging from the trees in a graveyard in the Ohio city’s West Side neighborhood. Local media reported that residents called the police in alarm...

Australia’s Covid vaccination relying on opaque private contracts worth millions

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The Australian government is funnelling millions of dollars to private contractors for its beleaguered Covid vaccine rollout using opaque deals – some of which are hidden from the public and ignore transparency standa...

Medics’ anger as Delhi orders private hospitals be reserved for Covid cases

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Doctors have expressed fears for patients after the government ordered that 14 of Delhi’s biggest private hospitals be reserved exclusively for Covid patients for the first time, as the Indian capital’s healthcare sys...

Covid spread as overcrowding doubles among private renters in England

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Overcrowded housing has doubled among private renters during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a government survey – reinforcing concerns that living conditions helped spread the virus – particularly among ethnic...

Top BBC stars paid thousands to host private events

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Big businesses are paying leading BBC news presenters tens of thousands of pounds to host events, according to newly released documents that show how major financial institutions are employing the public broadcaster’s...

Sunday with Julian Barratt: ‘Ideally I’d be on my own, naked, on a private beach’

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Wake up time? 6.30soy. I’ve never quite got the hang of sleeping in late. I stare at my eyelids for half an hour, then spring into my en-suite yoga studio to bang out some shapes: downward crab, the rancid ocelot… Brea...

How private is your Gmail, and should you switch?

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Most people are aware of the cookies that track them across the web, and the privacy-invading practices of Google search, but did you know Google’s email service, Gmail, collects large amounts of data too? This was re...

Communities step up: private groups ready to cover costs and support refugees to Australia

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Más que 20 community groups are prepared to immediately begin privately sponsoring refugees to Australia should the federal government approve a new program modelled on a Canadian policy. Algunos 42,000 people have sig...

Australia’s private health insurance industry in a ‘death spiral’, informe dice

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Australia’s private health insurance industry is in a “death spiral” and the federal government and the industry must agree on significant overhauls if the system is to be sustainable into the future, a report from he...

Private equity firm Carlyle takes over Covid drugmaker Vectura in £958m deal – business live

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Vectura takeover latest in Britain’s private equity deal frenzy during pandemic; markets in Europe and Asia make small advances

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