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How Meghan took personal risks in Mail on Sunday privacy victory

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The privacy victory over the Mail on Sunday has seemingly exacted a toll on the Duchess of Sussex, who in vigorously pursuing the case went far further than any other present-day royal in taking on the tabloid culture...

Privacy fears as schools use facial recognition to speed up lunch queue

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Privacy campaigners have raised concerns about the use of facial recognition technology on pupils queueing for lunch in school canteens in the UK. Nine schools in North Ayrshire began taking payments for school lunche...

Privacy fears as Moscow metro rolls out facial recognition pay system

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The Moscow metro has rolled out what authorities have lauded as the world’s first mass-scale facial recognition payment system, amid privacy concerns over the new technology. The cashless, cardless and phoneless syste...

Amazon pide a los propietarios de Ring que respeten la privacidad después de que las reglas de la corte infringieran la ley

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Amazon ha instado a los propietarios de sus cámaras de seguridad y timbres Ring, que vienen con una cámara y un micrófono, a respetar la privacidad de los vecinos después de que un tribunal dictaminó que su uso infringía las leyes de datos.. Un vecino se quejó de ....

7-Eleven took photos of some Australian customers’ faces without consent, privacy commissioner rules

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Convenience store giant 7-Eleven has disabled facial recognition technology used in 700 of its Australian stores as customers filled out feedback surveys after the privacy commissioner found it interfered with their p...

‘Privacy is at stake’: what would you do if you controlled your own data?

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The trick of Refik Anadol’s Machine Hallucinations, a three-day public art installation at The Shed in New York City, is to transform the processing of data into surreal hypnosis. The immersive audiovisual exhibit tow...

UK to overhaul privacy rules in post-Brexit departure from GDPR

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Britain will attempt to move away from European data protection regulations as it overhauls its privacy rules after Brexit, el gobierno ha anunciado. The freedom to chart its own course could lead to an end to irr...

Apple overhauls Siri to address privacy concerns and improve performance

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Apple will no longer send Siri requests to its servers, the company has announced, in a move to substantially speed up the voice assistant’s operation and address privacy concerns. The new feature comes two years afte...

Max Mosley, privacy campaigner and outspoken FIA president, muere envejecido 81

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The former Formula One president Max Mosley has died at the age of 81. Mosley, who began his career in motor racing as an amateur driver, was an outspoken president of the FIA, the sport’s governing body. He became FI...

Privacy activists are winning fights with tech giants. Why does victory feel hollow?

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For privacy activists, 2021 brings one big victory after another. Primero, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, announced in March that it would stop tracking individual users as they roam from site to site. This dec...

El parlamentario liberal Andrew Laming pide privacidad cuando renuncia a todos los cargos parlamentarios

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El diputado federal liberal Andrew Laming ha dicho que renunciará a todos los roles parlamentarios y se someterá a asesoramiento después de que minimizó una disculpa por presuntamente intimidar a dos electores de Brisbane.. Laming emitió una declaración..