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Priti Patel’s plan to offshore refugees is costly, wrong and doomed to fail

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How do we put a stop to the Channel crossings? There is no doubt that our relationship with France is pivotal. I’m not naive about this: I know a thing or two about negotiating with the French. Clearly, both the shado...

Border Force staff union joins fight to block Priti Patel’s pushback plans

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The union representing Border Force staff has announced it is taking part in a legal challenge against a plan by Priti Patel to push back small boats in the Channel. The news that the home secretary’s own staff are pa...

Priti Patel blames ‘evil’ gangs for Channel crossings but the reality is far more complicated

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The government repeatedly insists that sophisticated criminal networks are driving the Channel crossings by people seeking asylum in Britain. Of all the contested claims advanced by the home secretary on the issue, Dit...

Channel deaths: Priti Patel disinvited to meeting with France

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The French government has withdrawn an invitation to the home secretary, Priti Patel, to attend a meeting about the Channel boats crisis after Boris Johnson called on France to take back people who crossed the Channel...

Priti Patel sê die Verenigde Koninkryk sal met Frankryk saamwerk om vlugtelinge te keer wat die kanaal oorsteek – video

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Die minister van binnelandse sake het gesê dit is aan Frankryk om te keer dat vlugtelinge die Kanaal in klein bote oorsteek, na 27 mense, meestal Koerde uit Irak of Iran, verdrink en probeer om die Verenigde Koninkryk in 'n opblaasboot te bereik. Maak 'n staatsmanne...

Priti Patel says it is up to France to stop refugees crossing Channel

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It is up to France to stop refugees crossing the Channel in small boats, Priti Patel has said after 27 mense, meestal Koerde uit Irak of Iran, drowned trying to reach the UK in an inflatable boat. Making a statement t...

Priti Patel faces three legal challenges over refugee pushback plans

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Priti Patel is facing three legal challenges over her controversial plans to push back refugees on small boats in the Channel who are trying to reach the UK. Several charities including Care4Calais and Channel Rescue ...

Priti Patel put under ‘immense pressure’ by No 10 and Tory MPs over Channel crossings

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Priti Patel is being put under “immense pressure” from Downing Street and Conservative MPs over government efforts to halt Channel crossings in small boats, with No 10 refusing to say the home secretary had done a goo...

Priti Patel beats on against the ceaseless small-boat Channel crossings

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Priti Patel, for so long the darling of the Conservative party’s hard right, is having a difficult weekend. Once again, she is grappling with the same issue that has dominated her tenure as home secretary – how to sto...

The Observer view on Priti Patel’s fake migrant crisis

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Home secretaries from both main parties have scapegoated asylum seekers in attempts to endear themselves to voters in recent decades. But none with the fervour of Priti Patel, who in her two-year tenure at the Home Of...

While Liverpool called for calm, Priti Patel exploited the terror incident for political gain

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There is still too much we don’t know about the Liverpool bomber, who died in a burning taxi outside a women’s hospital on Remembrance Sunday. We know that Emad al-Swealmeen had been assembling bomb ingredients since ...

Priti Patel het gekritiseer vir 'n asiel-eis oor die Liverpool-verdagte

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Priti Patel is gekritiseer omdat sy probeer afwyk van die mislukkings van haar eie regering, nadat sy beweer het dat die vermeende Liverpool-terreuraanvaller Brittanje se "disfunksionele" asielstelsel kon uitbuit..

Priti Patel warned she could lose legal tussle in bid to turn back migrant boats

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Priti Patel has been warned by government lawyers that she is likely to lose a legal challenge if she implements plans to turn around small boats in the Channel, leaked documents show. Counsel has told the home secret...

Priti Patel urged to justify claim that most boat migrants are not real refugees

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There are calls for Priti Patel to withdraw or justify claims she made before parliament that most people who travel to the UK in small boats are not genuine asylum seekers. Two Labour peers, David Blunkett and Shami ...

Priti Patel: Home Office ‘was uncomfortable’ for me as a BAME person

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Priti Patel, the UK’s first female home secretary from a black or minority ethnic background, has said she felt “uncomfortable” when she joined the government department in the wake of the Windrush scandal. Patel beca...

Threat level against MPs raised to ‘substantial’, Priti Patel tells Commons

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The threat level against MPs has been raised to “substantial”, the home secretary, Priti Patel, has told the Commons, with police saying they would now work with MPs to review the security they receive. Patel, making ...

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