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‘Strategy of terror’: 116 dead as Ecuador prisons become battlegrounds for gangs

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A bitter struggle between rival Mexican cartels to control cocaine trafficking routes in Ecuador has erupted in a day of bloodshed inside a high-security prison which left 116 inmates dead. Many of the victims were bu...

Inescapable truths about our outdated prisons

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Frances Crook has been a voice of reason in the charity sector for 35 jare (The reform of prisons has been my life’s work, but they are still utterly broken, 10 Augustus). Like her, I have led several charities to make...

Italian prisons under fire as video footage shows guards beating inmates

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Italy’s justice minister, Marta Cartabia, has ordered a report into conditions in the country’s prisons after the release of video footage showing guards brutally beating inmates at a jail near Naples who had demanded...

‘They let people die’: US prisons bureau denied tens of thousands compassionate release during Covid

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The last time Sean McQuiddy called home from federal prison, it was just before Christmas in 2020, and he had just tested positive for Covid-19. “If I don’t make it out of here,” his brother recalled him saying, “just...

Two deaths in English prisons make me wonder how civilised we are in 2021

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Without doubt, the conditions in jails in England and Wales are currently – and by some distance – the worst I’ve ever known them: both in four decades as a career criminal after first entering custody in 1957; and la...

Thai prisons holding democracy activists drive record Covid figures

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Thailand reported its largest one-day rise in coronavirus infections on Thursday, with more than half coming from two Bangkok prisons where prominent democracy activists are being detained. The kingdom is battling a t...

Covid death rate in prisons three times higher than outside

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People in prisons are at an increased risk of Covid-19, with a death rate more than three times higher than that of the general population, and should be made a vaccine priority, according to public health experts. Th ...

Our prisons are a national disgrace

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Eva Wiseman is rightly impassioned by our inability as a country to summon the will to reform our creaking prison system (“Prison reform is slow, but could the will to change be growing?”, Magazine). She draws our att...