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‘Dismay’ at Cambridge University decision to axe prisoner scheme after terror attack

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A group of criminologists, penal reformers and ex-offenders have expressed “dismay” at Cambridge University’s decision to scrap a programme that taught prisoners alongside students after the deadly attack at Fishmonge...

‘You can’t catch those 43 years’: exonerated former prisoner tries to start life anew

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It’s been more than two weeks since Kevin Strickland was released from the Western Missouri correctional center and now he often wakes at 3.30am, long before the dawn, with an urge to get outside. For 43 years of a se...

‘It’s soul-crushing’: the shocking story of Guantánamo Bay’s ‘forever prisoner’

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From “a black site” in Thailand in 2002, CIA officers warned headquarters that their interrogation techniques might result in the death of a prisoner. If that happened, he would be cremated, leaving no trace. But if h...

‘I was always scared’: inmate who exposed systemic Russian prisoner abuse

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The videos from the Russian prison hospital are almost too horrific to describe. In the worst, the victims are tied down while other inmates rape or penetrate them with metal objects, the screams and abuse recorded in...

Outcry after Oklahoma prisoner vomits and convulses during execution

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Oklahoma is coming under sharp criticism after witnesses to the state’s first judicial killing for six years described gruesome scenes of the dying prisoner convulsing and vomiting as he was administered the lethal in...

Italian prisoner shoots at rivals with gun ‘smuggled in by drone’

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An Italian prisoner has shot at fellow inmates through the bars of their cell with a weapon believed to have been smuggled in by drone. The 28-year-old man, who has links to the Neapolitan mafia, fired three shots on ...