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‘Prioritise football’: Solskjær wants returning Rashford to focus on United

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Ole Gunnar Solskjær wants Marcus Rashford to “prioritise” football for Manchester United over off-field commitments after his recovery from a long-term shoulder injury. The 23-year-old could make a first appearance of...

Berlin’s university canteens go almost meat-free as students prioritise climate

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Students at universities in Berlin will from this winter swap currywurst and schnitzel for seeds and pulses, as campus canteens in the German capital make heavy cuts to their meat and fish options. Die 34 canteens and...

UK had to prioritise people at Kabul airport for evacuations, sê minister

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The UK evacuation effort from Afghanistan had to focus on people already at Kabul airport meaning many cases raised by MPs and others may not have been looked at, a Foreign Office minister has said. James Cleverly did...

G20 must prioritise global Covid action at October meeting

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Finance ministers, central bank governors and political leaders are hard at work preparing for the 2021 G20 heads of state and government summit in Rome on 30-31 Oktober. With the Covid-19 pandemic stretching well int...

Prioritise skilled migrants over some returning Australians, migration committee advises

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The Morrison government faces calls from a Coalition-dominated committee to reserve seats on flights and rooms in hotel quarantine for skilled migrants, as part of a suite of changes to make it easier for businesses t...

Calls grow to prioritise Italy’s priests for Covid vaccination

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Death toll of clergy, many of whom have assisted and comforted the sick since start of pandemic, nearing 270Calls are growing in Italy to prioritise the vaccination of priests against Covid-19 as the death toll among ...