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Primark supplier reportedly locks workers in factory to stop their anti-coup protest in Myanmar

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Garment workers in Myanmar who produce clothing for Primark were locked inside their factory by supervisors who tried to prevent them from joining anti-coup protests, testimonies given to the Guardian claim. Workers e...

Primark sales soar above pre-Covid levels as restrictions ease

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Primark sales have soared to above pre-pandemic levels as shoppers return to high streets after the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. The fast-fashion chain recorded revenues “ahead of expectations” after sale...

Primark reports record sales as Covid lockdown eases in England and Wales

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Primark reported record sales last week when non-essential retailers were allowed to reopen in England and Wales, with shoppers eager to buy spring and summer clothes, as well as stay-at-home staples. Associated Briti...

Primark pledges to make all its clothes more sustainable by 2030

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Primark has committed to making all of its clothes from recycled or more sustainably sourced materials within a decade, promising the strategy will not lead to price rises. The retailer has also pledged to make clothe...

Primark plans more than 100 new stores worldwide in Covid rebound

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Primark owner, Associated British Foods, has set out ambitious expansion plans as it bets on a strong sales rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic, with customers returning in large numbers in countries where vaccines hav...

Primark hit by ‘pingdemic’ but it says supply crisis won’t lead to shortages

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Sales at Primark slumped by as much as a quarter during some weeks over the summer period, as the “pingdemic” in the UK and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in European markets kept shoppers at home. Shares in Primark’...

From Primark to the podium: Columba Blango wins Paralympic bronze

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“That was hard,” Columba Blango said. The heat had broken and the rain was coming down, but in the second international competition of his career the 29-year-old from Peckham Primark had won a bronze medal. “It’s my f...