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Walking is a glorious, primal pastime – and a lot more radical than people think

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If Christmas is often synonymous with hours spent indoors, the lure of the sofa and endless screentime, our second festive season spent under the shadow of Covid is presumably taking those things to their extremes. Th...

Seven Samurai review – an epic primal myth that pulsates through cinema

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While researching samurai history for an Akira Kurosawa film project in the early 1950s, producer Sojiro Motoki discovered references to masterless warriors, or ronin, defending villages from marauders in 16th-century...

Idles review – primal howls and bullish power for the pits

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It’s an eternal question: is it a faux pas to wear a band’s T-shirt to one of their shows? The implied answer from thousands of Idles fans wandering the rolling fields of Clifton Downs is no. This is a sprawling event...

Primal rage at PMQs as Boris the joker is unmasked

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Not even a trained arsonist could have imagined such spectacular pyrotechnics. This was Dominic Cummings’s wildest dreams come true. Revenge didn’t come sweeter than Boris Johnson having a breakdown during prime minis...