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Oil prices climb to fresh highs, UK petrol price hits record – business live

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Split over surge in energy prices overshadows EU climate strategy

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European Union leaders have exposed their differences over how to tackle a surge in energy prices, as Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, dismissed some of the bloc’s plans to confront the climate emergency as “ut...

Marmite maker Unilever raises prices by 4% amid high UK inflation

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Unilever has warned that inflation could worsen next year as raw material and energy costs push up the prices of its food, toiletries and cleaning products. The maker of brands such as Marmite, Dove and Domestos said ...

UK petrol prices predicted to hit record high within days

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Motorists will be paying more than ever to fill up the tank by the end of October, according to petrol station owners, prompting a row over the cause of sky-high prices at the pumps. The Petrol Retailers Association (...

The UK’s reliance on gas imports leaves us open to unpredictable prices

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Each autumn, the Department for Business, Estrategia energética e industrial (BEIS) and the energy regulator Ofgem present a statutory security of supply report to parliament. El pasado diciembre, the department concluded that ...

Sunak minimiza la ayuda a las empresas por los precios del gas a pesar de los temores de que la industria pueda cerrar

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

EU considers natural gas purchase in response to surging energy prices

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The EU is considering joint purchase of natural gas in response to the energy price surge that has sent household bills and industrial costs soaring across the continent. One idea being floated by the European Commiss...

No 10 backs Kwasi Kwarteng in Treasury spat over energy prices

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No 10 has weighed in behind Kwasi Kwarteng, the business secretary, in his spat with the chancellor, saying both of their government departments are looking at how to support firms struggling with soaring energy price...

Gas prices, blackout risk and switching: your questions answered

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Not unless things take a significant turn for the worse. Up until now this has been a price, rather than a supply crisis – caused by the huge leap in the wholesale price of gas, which in turn has led to the collapse o...

UK house prices forecast to rise by up to 3.5% a year between 2022 y 2024

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A second wave of demand for more space will keep driving house prices across Great Britain higher, with values set to rise by up to 3.5% a year between 2022 y 2024, a forecast claims. The estate agent Hamptons also ...

Largo, El frío invierno que se avecina para Gran Bretaña podría mantener los precios de la gasolina subiendo a niveles récord

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El Reino Unido se enfrenta a un riesgo mayor de lo normal de clima frío en invierno este año., según los meteorólogos, que amenaza con encender una mayor demanda de gas y mantener los precios del mercado del gas por las nubes hasta 2023. Ambos meteorologis ...

UK supermarket prices ‘to rise by 5%’ as supply chain costs increase

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Shoppers can expect to see a 5% rise in supermarket prices in the coming weeks – with a potential second wave of increases in the new year – as retailers and suppliers pass on higher supply chain costs. David Sables, ...

Adivina qué tienen en común los tres demócratas que bloquean los precios más bajos de los medicamentos?

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Los tres legisladores conservadores demócratas que amenazan con acabar con la legislación de precios de los medicamentos de su partido han recaudado aproximadamente 1,6 millones de dólares en efectivo de campaña de donantes de las industrias farmacéutica y de productos sanitarios.. Uno...

La crisis de Evergrande y los precios récord de la energía pesan en los mercados

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

UK inflation in record August jump as food and drink prices rise

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UK inflation made its biggest jump on record in August amid a rise in food and drink prices, reversing a sharp decline a year earlier during the government’s eat out to help out restaurant discount scheme. The Office ...

UK energy bills to rise after record wholesale electricity prices

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Household energy bills are to rise after prices on the UK’s wholesale electricity market soared to a record high last month, furthering concerns about more families being pushed into fuel poverty this winter. The ele...

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