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Average UK house price rises by £25,000 in a year

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The average cost of a UK home increased by £25,000 in the 12 months to August, amptelike syfers toon, with rises recorded in all regions. The annual rate of price inflation hit 10.6% during the month, up from 8.5% in ...

THG founder Moulding to give up golden share after stock price plunge

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Matthew Moulding, the founder and chief executive of The Hut Group, is giving up his “golden” share of the company in an attempt to regain the confidence of the City after a sharp fall share in recent weeks. The onlin...

UK petrol price passes £1.40 a litre, highest in almost a decade

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The price of petrol at UK pumps has passed £1.40 a litre, its highest point in almost a decade, increasing the pressure on consumers as inflation bites. Average forecourt prices were last this high in September 2012, ...

Curse of Asos strikes again as profit forecast and share price tumble

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So much for the idea that lockdown shopping habits had permanently propelled the profits of online specialists into a new stratosphere. Asos, after a knockout year of £194m of pre-exceptional profits, says it will fal...

Montreal Canadiens star Carey Price entering player assistance program

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Canadiens goaltender Carey Price has voluntarily entered the NHL/NHL Players’ Association joint player assistance program, a stunning announcement Thursday less than a week before start of the season and just three mo...

PNG admits Maserati purchase was ‘terrible mistake’ as they go on sale at discounted price

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A fleet of Maserati cars, bought by the Papua New Guinean government for the 2018 Apec leaders’ summit in a move that prompted widespread outrage, has been put up for discounted sale. Finance minister, John Pundari, a ...

UK house price growth slows as end to stamp duty holiday looms

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UK house price growth slowed in September as economists said the looming end of the stamp duty tax break had cooled the market after a period of extraordinary growth. The average price grew by just 0.1% over the month...

Three more UK energy suppliers toppled by gas price surge

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Three more energy suppliers have collapsed under the weight of rising gas prices, taking the total number of failures to 12 this year and forcing the regulator, Ofgem, to find new suppliers for a further 233,000 custo...

Katie Price charged with driving while disqualified after car crash

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Katie Price has been charged with driving without third-party insurance and driving while disqualified after a crash near her home in Sussex. The former model, 43, will appear in court on Wednesday after the collision...

Kelly Price says she almost died from Covid – and was never missing

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The Grammy-nominated R&B and gospel singer Kelly Price has said she almost died from Covid-19 – and was never missing, as family members feared. Price announced her Covid diagnosis in July. According to the websit...

Bank of England waarsku dat die styging in energiepryse inflasie sal laat styg 4% - soos dit gebeur het

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Inflasie sal na verwagting 'effens meer as 4%' styg in die laaste kwartaal van hierdie jaar, namate die prys van energie en goedere styg

Hierdie energiepryskrisis kon vermy gewees het

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Die eenvoudigste, maar doeltreffendste maatreël wat die regering kan tref om die impak van stygende gaspryse op die "brandstofarm" tot 'n minimum te beperk, is om die insluiting van vaste heffings onwettig te maak..

The Guardian view on an energy price shock: a crisis in the making

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There is a level of government complacency about energy price shocks. Ministers think the best course of action is to just accept them. Wholesale gas prices are now more than five times their level two years ago, rais...

Die regering voer dringende gesprekke met energieondernemings oor die styging in gaspryse

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Die regering het gesê dat energiesekerheid 'n absolute prioriteit is as die sakesekretaris, Kwasi Kwarteng, bereid om met verteenwoordigers van die energiebedryf gesprekke te voer oor kommer oor die styging in die gaspryse in die groothandel..

Average UK house price fell by £10,000 in July

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The average UK house price fell by £10,000 in July compared with a month earlier, amptelike syfers toon, as the housing market appeared to cool after the phasing out of the stamp duty holiday. The average UK house pri...

UK supermarket shoppers hit by price rises amid supply crisis

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Supermarket prices have risen 1.3% hierdie maand, marking a significant increase in grocery price inflation as supply chain difficulties begin to affect shoppers. Price rises were most significant in savoury snacks, cat ...

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