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Overdose prevention centres will save lives, say UK senior doctors

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Drug addicts should be allowed to use illicit substances in “supervised injecting facilities” with medical staff on hand to ensure no one dies, health groups are urging ministers. Senior doctors, public health special...

Daniel Craig gives £10,000 to fathers walking for suicide prevention charity

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Daniel Craig has donated £10,000 to a fundraising challenge by three fathers who lost their daughters to suicide. Andy Airey, Mike Palmer and Tim Owen are undertaking a 300-mile walk in memory of their daughters Sophi...

Lake District river to have bends restored in flood prevention plan

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A river in the Lake District is getting its curves back in order to reduce the risk of flooding, with storm damage and landslides set to become more widespread in the national park by 2060. Homes and businesses in the...

Reaching vulnerable people earlier the focus of national suicide prevention report

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Many people who kill themselves or who experience suicidal thoughts are not reaching out for help, including from the mental health system, the federal assistant minister for suicide prevention, David Coleman, has sai...

Democrats call for $1bn shift from weapons of mass destruction to ‘vaccine of mass prevention

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Congressional Democrats are introducing legislation to transfer $1bn in funding from a controversial new intercontinental ballistic missile to the development of a universal Covid vaccine. The Investing in Cures Befor...