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‘We are pretty bruised’: UK cinemas bounce back from Covid closures

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Moviegoers are flocking to cinemas in numbers not seen since before the pandemic as the return of Hollywood blockbusters to the big screen fuels what theatre owners hope is the start of a post-Covid box office recover...

Cruel Summer review – Pretty Little Liars meets Memento in dark teen thriller

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Cruel Summer is a cruel mistress. Amazon’s new 10-episode non-murder-mystery drama is set over three summers in the 90s, bouncing about among them in every instalment. How well you get along with it will depend on how...

US rugby sevens coach frustrated despite win over ‘pretty average’ Japan

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Chris Brown sounded keen to return to the dressing room and admonish his players, which felt a little incongruous since his team had just won their second match of the day and secured safe passage into the knockout ro...

Jon Rahm takes route 66 to sit pretty behind Scottish Open leaders

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Jon Rahm was the favourite for the Open Championship even before this, his maiden Scottish Open appearance. UN 66 at the Renaissance Club emphasised the fact that the recently crowned US Open champion is golf’s man of ...

Sono 24 e la mia vita era abbastanza sistemata, finché non mi sono innamorata profondamente di un uomo di 51

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Sono un avvocato di 24 anni. Mi piace pensare che la mia vita sia abbastanza sistemata ma nove mesi fa, Mi sono innamorata profondamente di un uomo di 51. Questo è enormemente sorprendente per me, ma è la relazione più incredibile che ho potuto....

‘It’s pretty common’: fake documents add to Border Force officials’ Covid woes

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A Border Force officer based at Heathrow describes his work during the pandemic and the pressures it entails ahead of the border restrictions easing on Monday … “What’s happened during the pandemic is, a whole load of...

Jersey fishing row: French threats ‘pretty close to act of war’

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France’s reaction to post-Brexit fishing restrictions around the island of Jersey has been branded “pretty close to an act of war” by fishing community leaders in St Helier. They say they have been told 100 boats are ...

‘Bill and I got pretty friendly’: James Patterson on writing with Clinton and clashing with Trump

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Having a direct line to at least two former US presidents would seem almost a requirement for achieving the status of world’s bestselling author. But it’s not the “former guy” who lives two decent golf swings along Pa...

Pretty walks, lovely villages, great cheese: a trip to Teesdale

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When I tell people that I’m off to have a long weekend in Teesdale – which is more often than you might think – there inevitably follows a moment of confusion. They always think I mean Teeside, and even as they smile ...