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Meer as 2,000 healthcare workers in isolation placing hospital systems under pressure

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Meer as 2,000 health workers across NSW, Victoria and the ACT are currently in isolation, placing more pressure on the remaining workforce as Covid cases continue to climb. The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association s...

Pressure grows on Starmer to back tax on rich to pay for social care

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The row over how to fund social care threatens to engulf Labour this weekend as Keir Starmer faces pressure from across the party to commit to taxing the wealthy as a way to provide a system fit for the 21st century. ...

Coca-Cola’s supply chain under pressure due to shortage of cans

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Coca-Cola’s British and continental bottling operation has become the latest business to come under pressure from the supply chain crisis, with a “shortage of aluminium cans” hitting supplies. Consumers have taken to ...

Australia politics live: Victoria to reveal roadmap out of Covid lockdown as regional NSW under pressure

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Daniel Andrews due to unveil ‘modest’ changes to the state’s current lockdown a day after two women died from Covid. Volg die nuutste opdaterings regstreeks

Vrydag inligtingsessie: ‘Lacklustre’ Raab under pressure to quit

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Oggend almal. I’m Martin Farrer and these are your top stories this morning. Dominic Raab is facing increasing pressure to resign, including from Tory MPs, after claims he in effect disappeared for more than a we...

Pressure increases on Rishi Sunak to suspend triple lock on pensions

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Rishi Sunak has come under further pressure to suspend the state pension triple lock after wage figures showed that the chancellor is on course to pay pensioners a rise of more than 8% next year. Sunak is understood t...

The Killers: Pressure Machine review – their best album in years

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This country has two more national anthems than most: God Save the Queen, Three Lions and the Killers’ Mr Brightside, a song so anthemic it punches the air in its sleep. Yet the US band have never written a great ball...

Hong Kong group behind major pro-democracy protests disbands amid police pressure

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A major civil society group that was behind some of Hong Kong’s biggest protests has disbanded under increasing pressure from police. The Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) announced its closure on Sunday, saying no memb...

Australia Covid live update: ACT outbreak grows as NSW health system groans under pressure

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ANU students ordered into isolation and parliament sittings in limbo; Sydney hospitals face significant strain. Follow all the day’s news

Adidas sells Reebok to US conglomerate after shareholder pressure

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Adidas is selling Reebok to the US brand management company Authentic Brands Group for up to €2.1bn (£1.8bn), as the German sportswear firm concentrates on its core marque after pressure from investors. Reebok was bou...

Marathon filibuster by state senator ratchets up Texas voting rights pressure

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A Texas state senator continued her filibuster on Thursday morning of an elections bill in the latest tactic to extend the nation’s most visible standoff over voting rights. Democrat Carol Alvarado began her filibuste...

Solskjær talks up Manchester United’s title hopes and knows pressure is on

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Ole Gunnar Solskjær is well used to questions about titles and transfers, but the Manchester United manager is still learning the art of navigating sensitive queries about a hot topic: vaccine hesitancy. Whereas Solsk...

First Group CEO quits after shareholder pressure; markets await CBI retail sales – live

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European shares open lower ahead of US consumer confidence survey

‘Pingdemic’: why supermarket supplies are coming under pressure

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For shoppers the sight of “pingdemic”-related gaps on their local supermarket’s shelves will be a worrying reminder of their experience in the early weeks of the pandemic, when panic buying emptied stores of food. Op ...

Pressure builds on Morrison over vaccines as SA enters lockdown and Victoria extends Covid restrictions

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Meer as 13 million Australians are in lockdown and state borders are being slammed shut as the country scrambles to get ahead of a rapidly spreading outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid-19. As Victoria extended it...

Pressure builds on ministers to reach a decision on Covid vaccines for children

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Pressure is growing on ministers and advisers to reach a decision on vaccinating children against Covid as a Sage scientist warned the current wave risks being the longest yet, with “eye-watering” hospitalisations and...

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