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Sean Spicer claims press treats Jen Psaki better: ‘I walked into the lion’s den’

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Donald Trump’s former press secretary Sean Spicer has complained that the Washington press corps treat his successor under Joe Biden more kindly. “I walked into the lion’s den every day – she walks into a bunch of ki...

Australia Covid live: NSW reports 1,262 gevalle, seven deaths at final daily press conference; Victoria to receive ‘surge’ of Pfizer, Moderna vaccine doses

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Brad Hazzard supports more freedoms for outdoor activity saying ‘fresh air safest place to be’; Australia set to break more records on coronavirus cases

Ex-Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham to release White House book

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The former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, also a former top aide to former first lady Melania Trump, will release a memoir in October. The website Axios broke news of I’ll Take Your Questions No...

NZ prime minister Jacinda Ardern struggles with tough question during Covid press conference – video

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At Thursday's daily Covid-19 briefing, the typically unflappable prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, could barely contain her expression when asked to respond to an allegation that a visitor and a patient had sex in a sha...

Geen 10 to press on with plans for Covid vaccine passports in England

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Downing Street has said the government will press ahead with plans to introduce vaccine passports for nightclubs and other crowded indoor venues in England from the end of next month. Boris Johnson’s official spokespe...

Live nuus -opdatering van Covid Australia: NSW confirms 681 cases and one death as premier holds press conference; Victoria records 57 gevalle

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NSW records 681 local cases and one death; Victoria records 57 gevalle; Queensland reports another Covid-free day; Melbourne has now had 200 days of lockdown. Follow all the day’s news

Naomi Osaka in tears during first press conference since French Open

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Naomi Osaka broke down in tears in her first press conference since withdrawing from the French Open for mental health reasons. The four-times grand slam champion pulled out of Roland Garros on 31 May after being thre...

10 Quick Questions: glued to Australia’s Covid-19 press conferences? Prove it

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Australians the country over have adopted a dark and destructive pastime. It may be vital to our very survival, but overindulge and you will find yourself a nervous wreck, rocking back and forth, or – even worse – fal...

Protesters disrupt Republican politicianspress conference in support of Capitol rioters – video

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Protesters shut down a press conference by Congress members Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louis Gohmert and Paul Gosar about the arrests and investigation of the 6 January attack on the US Capitol.The far-right ...

Press groups raise alarm over threats to foreign media in China

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Press groups have expressed alarm at the worsening intimidation of foreign media in China, often driven by government officials and organisations. As recovery and rescue efforts continue in Henan province after last w...

‘No fair play, we’re English’: Europe’s press reacts to Euro 2020 chaos

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The booing of visiting teams’ national anthems, footage of fans without tickets breaking through barriers to get into Wembley and the online racist abuse of England’s unlucky penalty-takers has made many commentators ...

‘We conquered Wembley’: Italian press reacts to Euro 2020 oorwinning

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Italy had fans on edge during several games of the European Championship tournament, but no match was more nailbiting than the final against England at Wembley. The anxiety descended after England caught Italy off-gua...

Mexico beauty pageant organisers press ahead

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Organisers pushed ahead with a Mexican beauty pageant in spite of a Covid-19 outbreak that infected almost half the contestants, dit het na vore gekom. Ten minste 15 van die 32 contestants in the Miss Mexico 2021 pageant tested...

‘Stars did not deliver’: Netherlands press reacts to Euro 2020 exit

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The newspapers and football websites in the Netherlands had a clear picture of where a glorious Sunday was heading. After Max Verstappen won the Styrian Grand Prix and Mathieu van der Poel took the Tour de France yell...

Business, unions and EHRC press government on ethnic pay gap reporting

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The UK’s largest business lobby group has joined the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the human rights watchdog in calling for mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting, saying data collection will help tackle racial inequ...

Experts press ministers to publish mass event pilot findings for England

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Scientists advising the government on research into pilot mass events such as concerts and sports matches are frustrated at the delay in making the findings public and have been pressing for them to be released, the G...

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