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‘There could be snakes’: planes mothballed by Covid prepare to fly again

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In the red dust of the Australian desert, more than a hundred shiny planes are lined up nose to tail, an aviation long-term parking lot. Hundreds more form geometric patterns in California’s Mojave Desert, where engin...

Secretive Saudi golf plans prepare to set personal gain against human rights

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It feels like exaggeration to suggest Saudi Arabia, buoyed by a takeover of Newcastle United, will ride this wave of sporting achievement and conquer golf. Saudi interest in this particular sport has been as longstand...

Australiese politiek leef: klimaatsperdatum dreig namate Nationals 'n lys van eise vir Scott Morrison voorberei

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Nasionale LP's is gereed om die PM-besonderhede te oorhandig van wat hulle benodig om ondersteuning vir 'n 2050 netto nul-emissieteiken

Panda ‘twerksaround pen to prepare for rare mating event at Adelaide zoo – video

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Australia’s only two giant pandas are getting ready to rumble. Once a year, a tiny mating window opens. The notoriously sex-shy animals will have about 36 hours to try for a cub. Thanks to the pandemic, which kept a C...

Agter die skerms by Wycombe terwyl hulle voorberei om Manchester City te pak

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Dit is Donderdag om 10.30 vm, die oggend nadat Manchester City ses doele verby RB Leipzig gesit het, maar op die oefenterrein van Wycombe Wanderers is die fokus nie op hul glansreis na die Etihad -stadion op Dinsdag nie, maar hul n ...

UK vaccine volunteers to help prepare for next virus at new Pandemic Institute

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A new scientific institute which aims to prevent future pandemics may have been able to save thousands of lives by accelerating vaccine development had it existed before December 2019, its researchers believe. Liverpo...

New Zealand and Australia prepare to do battle (weer) over treasured and lucrative Mānuka honey

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Long before the name Mānuka became synonymous with a booming honey industry, celebrity endorsements and protracted global disputes, it was known in Māori legend. After Tāne Mahuta, the god of forests, separated his pa...

Resilience and perseverance prepare to take stage at Tokyo Paralympics

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“Any athlete you talk to, they have resilience,” said Shahrad Nasajpour during a press briefing in Tokyo on Monday. “Part of it comes from the athletic background, so any athlete you talk to they have it. But when you...

Caldor fire: crews prepare for high winds that could fan northern California blaze

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Crews were digging in and burning out fire lines amid fears that another round of high winds on Saturday could bring renewed fury to a northern California wildfire. “We have a firefight ahead of us and the wind today ...

‘We need to do something now’: the urgent push to prepare schools for the return of students

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Everyone in Australia’s many locked-down communities wants to know the answer to one question: when will life start returning to normal? For the millions of parents juggling their work commitments with home-schooling ...

Cooking With Paris review – Hilton in the kitchen? Prepare to have your mind blown

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Can anyone be truly baffled by chives, you wonder. Would anyone really not know what a whisk looks like? Or “a tong”? Would anyone actually rinse a turkey in bottled water? Or is it, must it all be part of the careful...

Sergio Ramos to have PSG medical as club prepare triple signing

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Sergio Ramos is poised to undergo a medical before signing for Paris Saint-Germain on a two-year contract after leaving Real Madrid. The 35-year-old is one of three transfers agreed by PSG, with the full-back Achraf H...

‘You can’t block the M5’: police prepare for mass protests at Cornwall G7 summit

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Activists are expected to disrupt next month’s G7 summit in Cornwall by blocking main roads into the county, trying to obstruct convoys carrying world leaders and perhaps even targeting a cruise ship that will be anch...

Chad rebels prepare offensive as president Idriss Déby is buried

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Rebels were preparing a new offensive towards the capital of Chad on Friday as dignitaries and supporters paid their final respects to Idriss Déby, the veteran ruler of the central African state, who died earlier this...

Line of Duty review – bent-copper bashers prepare to suck diesel

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They’ve got information from a Chis handler possibly relevant to Vella! Intel’s graded the info 1A on the matrix and it’s the first lead they’ve had on Operation Lighthouse for months! NOW we’re sucking diesel! If the...

Bayern Munich’s Chris Richards: ‘Facing Robben and Ribéry, you can’t prepare for that

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Chris Richards describes it as the turning point, the moment when football called him to spark a unique journey from Birmingham, Alabama in America’s deep south to Bayern Munich. The 20-year-old centre-half, who went ...