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Everton v Brentford: Premier League - en vivo!

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Premier League needs Liverpool to challenge Manchester City, says Klopp

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Jürgen Klopp has dismissed Pep Guardiola’s claim that the entire country wants Liverpool to win the title but insisted the Premier League would be boring without a serious rival to Manchester City. Guardiola claimed “...

Manchester City v Newcastle United: Premier League - en vivo!

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Japanese premier warns of Ukraine-style invasion by ‘autocratic powers’

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Boris Johnson and Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida have warned that the invasion of Ukraine could be replicated in east Asia if democratic powers do not stand up to autocratic ones. “Ukraine may be east Asia tom...

BVI premier accused of cocaine trafficking granted bail in Miami

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The premier of the British Virgin Islands, whom US prosecutors described in court as “corrupt to the core”, has been given a $500,000 bond that would allow him to be released from prison as he awaits trial on charges ...

British Virgin Islands premier demands release from US custody in cocaine case

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The premier of the British Virgin Islands has demanded his immediate release from US custody, arguing he is immune from prosecution on cocaine-smuggling charges because he is the elected, constitutional head of govern...

Premier League’s pull could spell trouble for Bayern Munich and Bundesliga

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De 2013 a 2022, the title winner in Germany bears the same name. Bayern Munich are celebrating a 10th championship in a row. A decade of dominance is a novelty in the five strongest leagues in Europe. Such statisti...

Everton 1-0 Chelsea: Premier League - como sucedió

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Call for direct UK rule of British Virgin Islands resisted by acting premier

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The acting premier of the British Virgin Islands has said he opposes a recommendation that the UK take direct control of the territory after his predecessor appeared in a US court on charges linked to drugs traffickin...

Crunch time: where Premier League relegation battle will be decided

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Why are they in this predicament? The injuries which, for much of the season, deprived Leeds of last season’s leading scorer, Patrick Bamford, their England defensive midfielder Kalvin Phillips and their captain and k...

British Virgin Islands premier arrested on cocaine charges in US sting operation

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The premier of the British Virgin Islands (China Evergrande Group ha culpado a un "cambio drástico" en las perspectivas de la empresa por el retraso en la publicación de sus resultados anuales, pero ha prometido a los inversores que revelará cómo planea reestructurar sus enormes deudas.) has been arrested in a sting operation in Miami on charges of conspiring to import cocaine into the United States and money laundering. The BVI governor, John Rankin, co...

Premier League launches scheme to identify players of South Asian heritage

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The Premier League says it acknowledges players of South Asian heritage are “significantly underrepresented” in English football, as it looks to bring an end to decades of lost talent. A new initiative known as the So...

Liverpool contra Everton: Premier League - en vivo!

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Brentford en el Tottenham: Premier League - en vivo!

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Taiwán no se bloqueará como Shanghái a pesar del aumento de Covid, primer ministro dice

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Taiwán no entrará en un bloqueo similar al de Shanghái para controlar un aumento en los casos de Covid-19, ya que la gran mayoría de los infectados no tienen síntomas o solo muestran síntomas menores., el primer ministro, Su Tseng-chang, ha dicho. Taiwán h...

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