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Premierliga 2021-22 season review: our writers’ best and worst

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Nick Ames Because he deserves the recognition: Son Heung-min. This was not Harry Kane’s finest season, despite a big uptick in its second half, but Son’s brilliance ensured that ultimately mattered little. Mohamed Sal...

Albanese insists ‘we will determine our values’ after Chinese premier reaches out to new PM

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Die eerste minister, Anthony Albanese, says his government will not bend to demands from China to reset the strained relationship despite overtures from Beijing in the wake of Labor’s election win. Speaking after a mee...

Premierliga 2021-22 resensie: the season’s best photos

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This season we’ve received more than 800,000 Premier League pictures from staff, agency and freelance photographers. Here are some of the most emotive, arresting and creative images which capture the narrative of anot...

Premierliga 2021-22 resensie: players of the season

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In curling his first goal of the season beyond the outstretched arm of the Norwich goalkeeper Tim Krul, Salah became the first player to score in the opening game of five consecutive Premier League campaigns. At the t...

Liverpool v Wolves: Premierliga - regstreeks!

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Manchester City v Aston Villa: Premierliga - regstreeks!

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Premierliga 2021-22 fans’ verdicts, part two: Liverpool to Wolves

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What a season this has been. And still is. We go into the last day with a chance of the title, the Carabao and FA Cups already in the cupboard, and the Champions League final to come. Even if City do seal it today, fr...

Premierliga: 10 things to look out for on final day of the season

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This season’s final-day title battle will have an air of familiarity as Manchester City look to pip Liverpool to the post for the third time in the last decade. Steven Gerrard will be in the opposition dugout at the s...

Canadian premier abruptly quits amid surge in far-right influences

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The abrupt resignation of Alberta’s premier has shocked the western province and raised questions about the ideological direction of Canada’s conservative movement amid a surge in far-right and populist influences. Ja...

Everton v Brentford: Premierliga - regstreeks!

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Premier League needs Liverpool to challenge Manchester City, sê Klopp

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Jürgen Klopp has dismissed Pep Guardiola’s claim that the entire country wants Liverpool to win the title but insisted the Premier League would be boring without a serious rival to Manchester City. Guardiola claimed “...

Manchester City v Newcastle United: Premierliga - regstreeks!

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Japanese premier warns of Ukraine-style invasion by ‘autocratic powers’

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Boris Johnson and Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida have warned that the invasion of Ukraine could be replicated in east Asia if democratic powers do not stand up to autocratic ones. “Ukraine may be east Asia tom...

BVI premier accused of cocaine trafficking granted bail in Miami

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The premier of the British Virgin Islands, whom US prosecutors described in court as “corrupt to the core”, has been given a $500,000 bond that would allow him to be released from prison as he awaits trial on charges ...

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