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Why it’s time to end TV’s deplorable prejudice against disabled people

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I had mixed feelings on being offered the MacTaggart lecture this year. The first was surprise: had anyone ever heard me speak? I once did a Bafta speech that Piers Morgan described on Twitter as the worst in the hist...

Sarfraz Manzoor on how prejudice works both ways in British Muslim communities

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When the broadcaster, author and journalist Sarfraz Manzoor started his career, he wrote mostly about the British Muslim experience. But doing this soon grew to feel reductive. Editors would shoehorn his Muslim identi...

Assembly by Natasha Brown review – the grind of everyday prejudice

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Within a neat 100 pages, Natasha Brown’s precise, powerful debut novel says more about Britain’s colonial legacy and what it’s like trying to exist within that as a black British woman than most could achieve with thr...

Hunt for Toronto serial killer hampered by police prejudice, report says

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The hunt for a serial killer who preyed on gay men in Toronto was hampered by “serious flaws” in the police investigation – including the stereotyping of LGBTQ+ people by police officers and a lack of public trust – a...