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Policing pregnancy while corporate drug pushers go free shows warped values

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Brittney Poolaw is going to prison for having a miscarriage. Last week the 21-year-old Oklahoma woman was convicted of manslaughter in the first degree after losing her baby at 17 weke. She’s already spent a year an...

Miscarriage is the most common pregnancy complication. So why are we so bad at treating it?

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When I started investigating lapses in care in early pregnancy loss, I had no idea how easy it would be to find patients to speak to. Even now, two years on, people who experience miscarriage contact me every day, des...

'Swangerskap is 'n skrikwekkende tyd': vier vroue op die kry van die Covid-entstof

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Een uit elke ses van die mees kritiek siek pasiënte is ongeënte swanger vroue met Covid, NHS Engeland syfers toon. Kenners in swangerskap en vrouegesondheid is bekommerd oor die aantal toekomstige moeders wat dit het ...

Nuwe wetgewing in Texas verbied dwelms wat aborsie veroorsaak ná sewe weke swangerskap

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Teen die einde van die jaar kan Texas nog meer beperkings op die vermoë hê om 'n aborsie te ondergaan nadat die Republikeinse goewerneur Greg Abbott stilweg nuwe beperkings by die wet aangemeld het wat die posbestelling van abo verbied..

Ninjababy review – raunchily frank Norwegian pregnancy drama

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Astronaut, beer-taster, comic artist – these are just some of the things Rakel aspires to be. Mother is not on the list, so it’s a shock when the 23-year-old graphic design dropout (Kristine Kujath Thorp) discovers sh...

Ninjababy review – uncompromisingly brilliant comedy about unwanted pregnancy

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This hilarious and sneakily brilliant comedy from Norway begins like half a dozen unwanted-pregnancy movies you might already have seen. Rakel (Kristine Kujath Thorp) is a 23-year-old graphic design dropout who has no...

Kareena Kapoor Khan on breaking pregnancy taboos: ‘No one wants to talk about belching and swollen feet!’

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Days after giving birth to her first child – an emergency caesarean after the cord had wrapped itself around the baby’s neck – Kareena Kapoor Khan stood undressed and alone in front of a mirror in her bedroom. “There ...

Breathing toxic wildfire smoke during pregnancy increases risk of premature birth, studie bevind

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As California wildfires continue to rage and the Lake Tahoe area faces some of the highest air pollution levels in the world, a new study has found that breathing wildfire smoke during pregnancy increases the risk of ...

Kindred review – unnerving pregnancy horror delivers on its promise

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Somewhere between a modern-day gothic horror and a British Get Out, this pregnancy paranoia thriller has a distinctively local flavour to it. The mother-to-be is Charlotte (Tamara Lawrance), and she is not initially ...

Monzo bank to offer employees paid leave after pregnancy loss

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The online bank Monzo has become one of the first UK companies to offer paid leave for employees who are affected by the loss of a pregnancy. Part of the bank’s mental health drive, the move follows the departure of i...

She sued for pregnancy discrimination. Now she’s battling Google’s army of lawyers

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When Chelsey Glasson found out she was pregnant with her second child in 2019, she did not anticipate the first three years of her new baby’s life would be overshadowed by an epic legal battle against a trillion-dolla...

Reproduction without pregnancy: would it really emancipate women?

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A team of Israeli scientists announced the mother of all inventions last week. Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science revealed in the journal Nature that they had successfully gestated hundreds of mice ins...

I teach how to share news in medical school. My own unexpected pregnancy made it personal

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Some years ago I taught a class in medical school on “Breaking Bad News”. I never liked the title, but I inherited it and was not allowed to change it. So I used it to deconstruct what we meant by “breaking” and “bad”...

Theranos: Elizabeth Holmespregnancy expected to delay her trial

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The alleged Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes is pregnant, according to a new court filing, potentially delaying her trial by several weeks. Holmes is being charged with fraud for her role at the helm of Theranos, ...