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Cameron predicted lobbying would be the next big scandal – now he’s part of it

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One of David Cameron’s sternest predictions was that “the far-too-cosy relationship between politics and money” was “the next big scandal waiting to happen”. He was right. It has happened – and he is part of it. quando ...

Police predicted Streatham attacker would strike ‘when not if’ on release

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Police predicted that a convicted terrorist would attack the public when he was released from prison, less than a month before he went on a knife rampage in south London, un'inchiesta ha ascoltato. MI5 and police officers ...

Dominic Raab says no one predicted Taliban takeover of Afghanistan – video

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It was impossible to predict the Taliban would retake Afghanistan so swiftly after the withdrawal of international troops, Dominic Raab has said, arguing: ‘No one saw this coming.’Speaking to the media following his r...

Left-leaning coalition predicted to win Norwegian parliamentary vote

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Norway’s left-leaning opposition has ousted the country’s Conservative-led government in parliamentary elections, exit polls have predicted, but the exact shape of the “Red-Green” coalition set to run the Nordic count...

Australia ‘regrets’ France’s recall of ambassador as Aukus fallout predicted to last years

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Australia has said it “notes with regret” France’s extraordinary decision to recall its ambassador over the scrapping of a submarine contract – part of the Aukus military deal that experts said could damage relations ...

UK petrol prices predicted to hit record high within days

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Motorists will be paying more than ever to fill up the tank by the end of October, according to petrol station owners, prompting a row over the cause of sky-high prices at the pumps. The Petrol Retailers Association (...