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Thanksgiving weekend travel poised to approach pre-Covid levels

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Thanksgiving holiday travel in the US is expected to reach near pre-pandemic levels, with industry insiders predicting that 53.4 million people will hit the road over the long weekend, in vergelyking met 47.1 million in 20...

Wetherspoon’s sales below pre-Covid levels as older customers stay away

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Wetherspoon’s has suffered a slump in sales below pre-pandemic levels, which the pub chain’s chairman, Tim Martin, blamed on older customers staying away because of lingering caution about the danger of Covid-19 infec...

WPP revenues back to pre-Covid levels as advertising rebounds

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WPP, the world’s biggest advertising group, has grown its revenues back to pre-pandemic levels a year sooner than expected because of a record-setting rebound in global marketing spend. WPP reported that underlying re...

EasyJet increases flights to 60% of pre-Covid levels

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EasyJet is to ramp up the number of flights it operates to 60% of pre-pandemic levels during the summer holiday season, and has added new routes including Malta in response to rising customer demand. The low cost airl...

Primark sales soar above pre-Covid levels as restrictions ease

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Primark sales have soared to above pre-pandemic levels as shoppers return to high streets after the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. The fast-fashion chain recorded revenues “ahead of expectations” after sale...

UK pubs’ turnover 20% down on pre-Covid levels despite return of indoor drinking

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Britain’s pubs continued to pull fewer pints in the first week that venues opened indoors than before the pandemic after Covid restrictions led to a 20% slump in trade compared with pre-pandemic levels. Pub owners hav...

Absenteeism rates in English secondaries double pre-Covid level

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More than one in 10 secondary school pupils have been absent since schools and colleges in England fully reopened this month, and school leaders fear that a small core of older students have become disaffected and unw...

Global oil demand ‘could exceed pre-Covid levels without clean energy moves

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The world’s oil demand could exceed pre-Covid 19 levels within the next two years unless concrete government action and legislation leads to a much stronger move towards clean energy, according to the International En...

Fossil fuel emissions in danger of surpassing pre-Covid levels

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International Energy Agency data shows steady climb over second half of 2020 The world has only a few months to prevent the energy industry’s carbon emissions from surpassing pre-pandemic levels this year as economies...