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Women in England with breast cancer may qualify for drug that buys ‘precious’ time

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Women with advanced breast cancer in England will be able to benefit from a new type of immunotherapy on the NHS after a U-turn by the medicines watchdog. El Instituto Nacional para la Excelencia en la Salud y la Atención (Lindo) h ...

Three centuries on, a shaman’s precious rune drum returns home

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En 7 diciembre 1691, a precious rune drum, created to help a noaidi, or shaman, to enter a trance and walk among spirits, was confiscated by the authorities. The owner, Anders Poulsson – or Poala-Ánde in the name’s Sám...

How to save our precious public services? A windfall tax on those who got rich from Covid

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Windfall-tax the rich, Rowan Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury proclaims. Start with a one-off seizure from the top 1% and then bring in a 1% wealth tax that could yield at least £70bn a year. Time at last for...

Gordon Brown y Keir Starmer estaban entre amigos y familiares para asistir al funeral del parlamentario laborista Jack Dromey el lunes.: delete your social media apps and claw back precious days of your life

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There’s something about that red dot. The ping. That little shudder of your phone. All those tiny, quiet gestures which together, form a cacophony, making your phone screech: “Something happened. Look at me! Right now...

Lockdown taught me that time is precious – so why am I running out of it again?

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There was a time not long ago when we had plenty of time; now there’s too much to do. Lockdowns dragged on for ever when we were in them but feel shorter as they edge further into the past. I have heard lockdowns desc...

Mark Wood overcomes ‘rough night’ to deliver precious Ashes breakthrough

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Mark Wood overcame a “rough night” with a stomach illness to deliver his now customary 90mph-plus speeds and a precious breakthrough at the end of a stop-start opening day to the fourth Ashes Test in Sydney. For the s...