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Tiger Woods fuels unlikely Masters tilt with Augusta practice round

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The prospect of Tiger Woods making an incredible comeback at the Masters next week has increased after the 15-time major winner arrived on Tuesday at Augusta National for a practice round. He has not played competitiv...

How general practice lost its personal touch

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I was intrigued by Dr Clare Gerada’s long read (‘In my 30 years as a GP, the profession has been horribly eroded’, 22 Februarie). I left general practice in late 1990, a few months before Dr Gerada began her own distin...

Still wanted: GP for a Cumbrian practice that has waited nine months

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Nestled among towering Cumbrian hills and accessible by just a handful of roads, Alston Moor is said to be the highest market town in England. There are few amenities on the doorstep – getting a takeaway delivery is o...

Mental health patients in shared wards despite calls for NHS to end practice

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People with serious mental health problems are being forced to share wards with distressed fellow patients, 20 years after the NHS was told to give them all their own rooms. There are still more than 1,100 beds in dor...