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We must fight powerful bullies, whether they are Putin, Trump, or tech billionaires

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I keep running into people who feel overwhelmed by so many seemingly unrelated but terrifying things occurring all at once. “How can all this be happening?" hulle vra. But these things are connected. They are reinforci...

‘Comedy is a powerful recruitment tool’: how the US rightwing use laughs for vast influence

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In Januarie, Neil Young gave Spotify an ultimatum: it’s me or Joe Rogan. The streaming giant picked Rogan, the comedian who was accused of spreading vaccine misinformation on his podcast. Days later, compilations of th...

Freddie Gibbs review – powerful raps that hurtle from the stage

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“Are y’all ready for Freddie Gibbs?” asks a voice on stage, before the rapper appears above a luminous sea of phones. He hits the ground running, with a rapid-fire flow that starts an audience chant of “Freddie! Fredd...

Rusland-Oekraïne oorlog: Zelenskiy hails ‘powerful blows’ by Ukrainian army as Russia hints at scaling back offensive – live

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Russia says first phase of invasion ‘generally’ complete and it will focus on the so-called ‘liberation’ of eastern region

Jenůfa review – an achingly sad and powerful tale of infanticide

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Leoš Janáček’s opera, turning on the central story of infanticide, is never anything but anguished and achingly sad. Nou, with the sharp focus brought by the present times and the knowledge of atrocities being perpetr...

‘It’s a powerful feeling’: the Indigenous American tribe helping to bring back buffalo

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A trio of bison has gathered around a fourth animal’s carcass, and Jimmy Doyle is worried. “I really hope we’re not on the brink of some disease outbreak,” said Doyle, who manages the Wolakota Buffalo Range here in a ...

Nine Days in One Year review – enduringly powerful Soviet nuclear power drama

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As the French New Wave was starting to crest, and with the Cuban missile crisis just under a year away, Soviet film-maker Mikhail Romm directed what might have been the nuclear physicists’ version of Jules et Jim. Thi...

Munira Mirza: Boris Johnson’s ‘powerful nonsense detector’

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While a number of people who have worked alongside Munira Mirza praise her intellect and character, it appeared paradoxical that having led No 10’s efforts in stoking culture war issues she has eventually resigned in ...

Powerful nor’easter brings blizzards and thick snow across US east coast – video

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Gusty winds and falling temperatures plunged the US east coast into a deep freeze after a powerful nor’easter dumped mounds of snow, flooded coastlines and knocked out power for tens of thousands of people

Powerful winter storm to blast US east coast with up to two feet of snow

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Residents and officials across the US north east and mid-Atlantic regions were bracing on Friday for a powerful winter storm expected to produce blizzard conditions into Saturday. Heavy snow and strong winds were fore...

Ons het 'n kragtige wapen om inflasie te beveg: prysbeheer. Dit is tyd dat ons dit gebruik

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Inflasie is naby 'n 40-jaar hoogtepunt. Sentrale banke regoor die wêreld het sopas belowe om in te gryp. Egter, 'n kritieke faktor wat pryse opjaag, word grootliks oor die hoof gesien: 'n ontploffing in winste. In 2021, Amerikaanse nie-fi ...

The Big One: Canada floods show British Columbia is not ready for a powerful earthquake

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Canada’s largest port is shut down. Highways have snapped, buckled and crumbled. Bridges are washed into raging rivers and landslides rumble down mountainsides, burying cars and stranding travellers. Rail lines linkin...

Norwich se Teemu Pukki ontken 10-man Newcastle eerste oorwinning met kragtige aanval

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Dit kon alles so baie anders gewees het as Ciaran Clark nie selfvernietig was nie, maar dit sal geen troos vir Eddie Howe wees nie. Clark se idiotiese afstuur in die negende minuut het Newcastle laat afneem 10 mans en in die soort tr ...

‘We are more powerful than Modi’: Indian farmers celebrate U-turn on laws

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The scent of victory was in the air. As tractors rolled through the protest camp on the outskirts of Delhi set up by farmers almost exactly a year ago, rousing cries of “long live the revolution” and “we defeated Modi...

Disappearance at Lake Elrod review – powerful performance in missing-girl movie

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With this small-town gothic murder mystery director and co-writer Lauren Fash overdoes it with the missing-kid tropes: a grieving mom fighting for the truth; police corruption; buried secrets; a powerful family contro...

‘We are digging our own graves’: world leaders’ powerful words at Cop26

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Alarm, anger and a few significant promises featured during speeches made by dozens of world leaders as crucial UN climate talks came to life in a cold and wet Glasgow on Monday. The tone was set by Boris Johnson, who...

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