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Fast-flowing river of lava pours from La Palma volcano in Canary Islands – video

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Hot lava continues to gush from the Spanish Cumbre Vieja volcano. Oor 300 more people fled their homes early on Thursday as flows of molten rock threatened to engulf another area in La Palma. Emergency crews gave pe...

Biden pours salt into wounds of relations with Europe at G7 meeting

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In the end it took only seven minutes for Joe Biden to pour salt into the wounds of his fractured relationship with European leaders, telling them firmly on a video call that he would not extend the 31 August deadline...

Luka Dončić pours in 48 on Olympic debut as Slovenia roll past Argentina

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Luka Dončić made a spectacular Olympic debut with 48 punte, tied for the second-highest total in men’s basketball history, to lead Slovenia to a 118-100 victory over Argentina on Monday. In Slovenia’s first Olympic g...