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Court hearing over UK’s £400m tank deal debt to Iran postponed

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A high court hearing designed to resolve the UK’s non-payment of a £400m debt to Iran has been postponed again, leaving the families of dual nationals detained in Iran distraught since they believe the debt is critica...

Genoa bridge collapse trial postponed after first hearing ends ‘prematurely’

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A trial of 59 defendants accused of manslaughter and undermining transport safety after dozens of people were killed when the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italia, collapsed almost four years ago has been postponed until Se...

Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial postponed until autumn at her request

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A US judge has granted Ghislaine Maxwell’s request to delay her trial on charges she procured teenage girls for the late financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse, saying the trial will begin in the fall. The US dis...

Ministers postponed announcement of fares increase after backlash to rail plan

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An announcement that rail fares will rise by 3.8% in March was postponed by ministers last week after the furious backlash over downgraded government plans for rail investment in the north. The fare rise for England a...

National Press Awards to be postponed after Society of Editors race controversy

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The National Press Awards will be postponed, il Guardiano capisce, after the board of the Society of Editors concluded that a series of withdrawals over its statement that there was no racism in the British media ...

Refugee activist facing Greek court left ‘in limbo’ after trial postponed

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An Irish defendant among 24 aid workers accused of espionage in Greece has said he has been left in a legal “limbo” after their trial was postponed, prolonging an ordeal that has highlighted growing hostility towards ...

UK high streets suffer from Omicron concerns; Davos summit postponed – business live

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Copertura live continua dell'attività, economics and financial markets as stock markets dip in response to restrictions to prevent spread of new coronavirus variant