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‘Off the scale’: film studios launch post-Covid marketing blitz

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Hollywood studios are planning a £250m-plus UK marketing blitz to promote the return of blockbusters to the big screen over the next 18 meses, as the much-delayed premiere of James Bond: No Time to Die gives the indu...

Disney reports post-Covid rebound as theme parks reopen

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The reopening of theme parks and 12 million new subscribers to Disney+ fuelled a post-pandemic recovery at the world’s biggest entertainment company, which beat Wall Street expectations in the quarter to 3 mes de julio. Disne...

Trump was ‘in pain and afraid’ during post-Covid display of bravado, niece’s book says

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Donald Trump was “afraid” when he put on a display of bravado at the White House after being treated for a severe coronavirus infection, his estranged niece Mary Trump has claimed. The then US president had a pained e...

The Guardian view on post-Covid recovery: powered by the state not the market

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The Conservative party hooked British capitalism to the state’s life support system for the past 18 meses. So it takes chutzpah to think, as business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng does, of putting the free market at the h...

A post-Covid crash is looming – and Britain’s auditors are asleep at the wheel

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Like a tedious household repair job, fixing the accounting for Britain’s largest and most important companies is always put off until it’s too late – and then bodged anyway, with often calamitous results. As Covid-era...

The Observer view on the plight facing children post-Covid

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The prime minister has touted “levelling up” as the overarching theme of his domestic policy agenda. But in no area is the hollowness of this commitment revealed more than in relation to children and young people. Thr...

Post-Covid inflation could push interest on UK’s debt above £100bn, warns BIS

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Inflation could spike this year, putting pressure on central banks to raise the cost of government borrowing to post war highs, according to the Bank of International Settlements, which warned of “daunting” issues con...

Mask off: is England ready to ditch face coverings post-Covid?

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The many masked faces visible outdoors at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre on Wednesday afternoon reflect the fact that, para muchos, wearing one is a question of choice, routine and personal comfort as much ...

No post-Covid austerity for Germany, promise Christian Democrats

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A Germany no longer steered by the experienced hand of Angela Merkel will not be headed into a post-Covid period of economic austerity, tax rises and geopolitical turmoil, the chancellor’s potential successor has soug...

Sea change: Prada show celebrates post-Covid re-emergence at the beach

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For a brand known for its angular, urban and emotionless aesthetic, it’s quite something to see a Prada show take place on a joyful, life enhancing beach. Y todavía, here we are for the brand’s spring/summer 2022 show. ...

Ending furlough too soon will wreck post-Covid chances for many firms

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The complaints from employers are getting louder. Far from the headlines a year ago warning of a rerun of 1980s-style unemployment, businesses are worried there aren’t enough workers to go around. And yet Britain’s ec...

US-UK to sign post-Covid Atlantic charter in echo of wartime accord

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Boris Johnson and Joe Biden will draw comparisons to Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt by signing a new Atlantic charter in an attempt to show UK and US leadership can frame a post-Covid order in the same way...

"Tenemos que participar": lo que la generación Z de Europa quiere de sus vidas posteriores a Covid - video

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Las políticas de Covid-19 corren el riesgo de dejar cicatrices psicológicas y socioeconómicas en millones de jóvenes en toda Europa, con consecuencias de gran alcance para ellos y la sociedad, ha revelado un amplio proyecto de Guardian. ...

‘So many revolutions to lead’: Europe’s Gen Z on their post-Covid future

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Hidden human rights crises threaten post-Covid global security – Amnesty

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Neglected human rights crises around the world have the potential to undermine already precarious global security as governments continue to use Covid as a cover to push authoritarian agendas, Amnesty International ha...

Action needed to tackle post-Covid ‘loneliness emergency’, MPs say

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Britain needs more benches, public toilets and street lighting to encourage lonely people to start mixing socially again once the lockdown ends, MPs and peers say. Action is needed to tackle a “loneliness emergency” t...

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