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Boris Johnson: La crisis del petróleo y el sacrificio de cerdos forman parte de la necesaria transición posterior al Brexit

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Las colas de gasolina y los sacrificios masivos de cerdos en las granjas debido a la falta de trabajadores en los mataderos son parte de una transición necesaria para que Gran Bretaña emerja de un modelo económico roto basado en salarios bajos., Boris Johnson ha argumentado ....

Britain’s hopes of early post-Brexit trade deal with US appear dashed

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Britain’s hopes of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US have all but evaporated barring a dramatic change of heart from Joe Biden, it emerged on Tuesday as Boris Johnson held face-to-face talks in the White House. Joh...

UK and EU extend post-Brexit grace period over Northern Ireland protocol

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Plans for post-Brexit checks on some goods entering Northern Ireland have been suspended indefinitely by the UK after negotiations with the EU reached a stalemate. Grace periods designed to ease the transition into ne...

Exports from Ireland to Great Britain soar in post-Brexit trade imbalance

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Exports from Ireland to Great Britain soared in the first six months after Brexit as imports sent in the opposite direction declined, according to Irish government figures. In a sign of post-Brexit imbalances in trad...

Gower lamb is first British food to get protection under post-Brexit scheme

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Lamb grazed on samphire, sorrel and sea lavender on the Gower peninsular in Wales is the first UK food to receive protection under the post-Brexit regime. The UK’s independent geographical indication scheme, which mar...

Don’t expect post-Brexit Britain to match EU’s fight against big tech

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If anyone needed convincing that the pandemic would turbo-charge sales at America’s largest tech firms and send profits soaring, this week’s quarterly results defied the doubters. manzana, Microsoft and Google owner Alp...

Post-Brexit roadblocks in place in Kent despite travel U-turn on France

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Emergency road measures to handle post-Brexit queues in Kent have been restarted by the government to cope with potential holiday traffic – despite Friday’s decision to further restrict cross-Channel travel to France....

Post-Brexit talks on City access to EU have stalled, Sunak reveals

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Talks to secure City of London access to the EU have stalled, Rishi Sunak has confirmed in his first Mansion House speech to financiers, as he set out sweeping reforms designed to help Britain’s finance industry embra...

Alarm over plans to shield post-Brexit environment watchdog from scrutiny

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The body created to regulate, monitor and enforce environmental standards in the UK post-Brexit will be shielded from scrutiny as a result of prohibitions on access to information, campaigners say. The Office for Envi...

Política del Reino Unido en vivo: UK state aid will be ‘more agile and flexible’ under post-Brexit rules, says business secretary

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Últimas actualizaciones: Kwasi Kwarteng says subsidy control bill will help UK make better use of state aid

Cientos de miles de ciudadanos de la UE "luchando" para alcanzar el estatus posterior al Brexit antes de la fecha límite

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Los ciudadanos de la UE están luchando para solicitar el estatus de asentado después del Brexit, ya que el Ministerio del Interior alcanza un "punto de ruptura" para hacer frente a un aumento de solicitudes de último momento.. Con tres días antes de la fecha límite del acuerdo de la UE ...

EU prepares to cut amount of British TV and film shown post-Brexit

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The EU is preparing to act against the “disproportionate” amount of British television and film content shown in Europe in the wake of Brexit, in a blow to the UK entertainment industry and the country’s “soft power” ...

La opinión de The Guardian sobre el comercio posterior al Brexit: contando las cosas equivocadas

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El acuerdo alcanzado con Australia esta semana es celebrado por el gobierno del Reino Unido como un acuerdo comercial histórico, el primero que no es una renovación de los antiguos términos de pertenencia a la Unión Europea.. Pero ese honor sin duda pertenece a un ...

UK-Australia post-Brexit trade deal agreed in broad terms

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Details of a trade deal between the UK and Australia will be announced on Tuesday morning, el guardián entiende. A Department for International Trade spokesperson confirmed that the broad terms had been struck on ...

Francia, Italy and Germany vie for post-Brexit deals with UK

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Francia, Italy and Germany, the three leading European powers, are each trying to reach bilateral post-Brexit agreements with the UK, after Britain said it was not interested in closer security and foreign policy coope...

UK expected to offer post-Brexit trade deal to Australia

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UK ministers are expected to offer Australia a trade deal which will gradually eliminate all tariffs and quotas, one seen as a victory for free-trade Brexiters in the cabinet but likely to prompt alarm among UK farmer...

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