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Oor 200 Spanish mobile numbers ‘possible targets of Pegasus spyware’

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Meer as 200 Spanish mobile numbers were selected as possible targets for surveillance by an NSO Group client believed to be Morocco, according to the data leak at the heart of the Pegasus project. Details of the sca...

EU leaders denounce ‘possible genocide’ in Ukraine as Russia issues denials

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Western outrage has intensified over claims of civilian killings by Russian troops in Ukraine, with EU leaders denouncing “massacres”, “atrocities” and “possible genocide” as the Kremlin flatly rejected all responsibi...

It’s possible Evgeny Lebedev’s only crime is absurdity. Perhaps his editors could let us know

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‘I am not some agent of Russia,” wrote a pained Evgeny Lebedev in one of the newspapers he owns with his father, Alexander, the former Russian spy. “I am not a security risk to this country, which I love.” And for onc...

Is an outright Russian military victory in Ukraine possible?

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is already more than three weeks old, and the death toll in the bitter conflict is already likely to have exceeded 10,000. But there is also no sign of a decisive military breakthrough on ...

‘It is not possible to stay quiet’: Putin’s first victim of ‘fake news’ law speaks out

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One of the first three people to face a criminal case under Russia’s “fake news” law has said the charges mean she has been “officially declared a decent person”. “To find out I was the first one to be charged was bot...

Sunny Balwani’s Theranos trial delayed after possible Covid exposure

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The trial of Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, the former romantic and business partner of Elizabeth Holmes, was reportedly delayed on Wednesday after a possible Covid-19 exposure forced a judge to send a full courtroom home. W...

Players Championship faces possible Tuesday finish due to electric storms

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The 48th staging of the Players Championship is destined to be better known for disruption than the identity of its champion. After torrential rain and approaching electric storms halted play at Sawgrass on Friday mor...

I’ve studied all the possible trajectories of this war. None are good

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Wars sometimes start easily, but it is a tenet of strategy that they are always unpredictable and extremely hard to end. Putin’s war of choice in Ukraine is already escalating faster than most experts would have imagi...

‘The worst possible nightmare’: voices from Ukrainian football as war rages

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On the day the war began, I was in Kyiv with my family. I have been injured recently, so could not train with the team. At 5am my young son awoke, and my wife got up to calm him. Then we heard the explosions, one afte...

Stephen Colbert on Trump’s possible criminal charges: ‘Lock him up’

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There’s been some dark news lately, but “every once in awhile, there’s a little gleam of sunshine in the world: a child’s smile, the first flower of spring, the January 6 committee laying out potential criminal charge...

Possible case of deer-to human Covid infection identified in Canada

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Canadian researchers believe they have found the first-ever instance of a deer passing the coronavirus to a human, warning that broader surveillance of wildlife is needed to prevent further mutations from developing a...

Britse politiek leef: minister says Russian invasion of Ukraine likely to become more violent, with ‘horrific’ casualties possible

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Ben Wallace, defence minister, says there could be ‘indiscriminate bombing of cities and propelling forward of soldiers’

North Korea test fires possible ballistic missile in sea in eighth launch this year

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North Korea has fired an “unidentified projectile”, Suid-Koreaanse en Japannese amptenare gesê, after a seemingly quiet month without launches during the Beijing Olympics. “North Korea fired an unidentified projectile e...

Biden: Ukraine invasion still ‘distinctly possible’ despite Russian claims

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Joe Biden has claimed that 150,000 Russian troops remain in a “threatening position” around Ukraine, despite Russian claims of a withdrawal, and warned that an invasion “remains distinctly possible”. In a televised ad...

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern isolates after possible Covid exposure

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New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has gone into self-isolation until Tuesday after being deemed a close contact of a person who tested positive for Covid. The exposure took place last Saturday during a fli...

Storm Malik: Met Office says power cuts and travel chaos possible

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The Met Office has said there could be power cuts and travel chaos as Storm Malik brushes past the UK over the weekend. Gusts are predicted to reach 80mph in coastal areas as the storm, named by Denmark, hits parts of...

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