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End of lockdown poses Boris Johnson one of his toughest decisions

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At some point towards the end of next week Boris Johnson will make one of the trickier decisions even of this pandemic period: whether to lift the final tranche of Covid rules. Some of those watching the closest will ...

Light pollution from satellites ‘poses threat’ to astronomy

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Artificial satellites and space junk orbiting the Earth can increase the brightness of the night sky, researchers have found, with experts warning such light pollution could hinder astronomers’ ability to make observa...

London flooding poses ‘significant risk’ unless immediate action taken

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There is now a significant risk of people drowning in London as the threat of major flash floods increases in the city because of climate change. According to a report by a London Councils taskforce published this mon...

Ukraine crisis poses dilemma for China but also opportunity

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The unfolding crisis in Ukraine poses a diplomatic dilemma for China but also offers an opportunity for Beijing as Joe Biden’s administration is likely to continue to be distracted by Russia ahead of the US mid-term e...

NHS backlog poses existential risk to Boris Johnson’s government

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It wasn’t the sort of coverage Sajid Javid was hoping for. “Is that all we get for £12bn?” thundered the front page of Wednesday’s Daily Mail. The source of its frustration was the health secretary’s admission in the ...

NCA says end-to-end encryption poses challenge for law enforcers on child abuse

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The National Crime Agency has said that end-to-end encryption risks “turning the lights out” for law enforcers trying to prevent child abuse, after the UK data watchdog said failure to introduce strongly encrypted mes...

Surge in migrants seeking to cross Mexico border poses challenge for Biden

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The number of migrant children and families seeking to cross the US-Mexico border has increased to levels not seen since before the coronavirus pandemic – a challenge for Joe Biden as he works to undo the hardline imm...

Falling NHS continuity of care poses ‘existential threat’ to patient safety

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Rapidly falling continuity of care levels pose an “existential threat” to patient safety, Britain’s top family doctor will warn today as research reveals only half of Britons regularly see the same GP. Prof Martin Mar...

Post-Brexit red tape poses threat to cross-Channel pigeon racing

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Cross-Channel pigeon racing is “hugely at threat” owing to post-Brexit red tape that threatens to drive thousands out of the sport, the head of its governing body has said. British pigeon fanciers have been racing the...

UK universities’ closeness to China poses risks, says Jo Johnson

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The former universities minister Jo Johnson has warned of the “poorly understood” risks of increasingly close collaboration between UK universities and China. A study led by Johnson identified a significant increase i...

Far-right terror poses bigger threat to US than Islamist extremism post-9/11

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Donald Trump’s presidency was bookended with two of the ugliest outbursts of white nationalist violence in 21st century America – the 2017 far-right rally in Charlottesville and the 2021 storming of the US Capitol by ...

Covid news live: Hong Kong to ban non-resident arrivals from Australia, Canada and parts of Europe; WHO warns Omicron poses ‘very high’ risk

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Hong Kong plans to ban non-residents who have been to Australia, Canada, Israel and six European countries; the Omicron variant poses very high global risk of infection surges, WHO says

Secretive court system poses threat to Paris climate deal, says whistleblower

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A secretive investor court system poses a real threat to the Paris climate agreement, activists have said, as governments taking action to phase out fossil fuels face a slew of multimillion-dollar lawsuits for lost pr...

‘Last one standing’: Delta variant poses threat to New Zealand’s Covid-free bubble

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Last week was a sharp reminder for Dr Siouxsie Wiles, one of New Zealand’s most prominent pandemic communicators, of how close the country’s recent brush with Covid was. A Sydney tourist, infected with the Delta varia...

Omicron Covid variant poses very high global risk, says WHO

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The Omicron coronavirus variant is likely to spread internationally, posing a very high global risk of infection surges that could have severe consequences some areas, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monda...

‘Radicalized’ anti-abortion movement poses increased threat, US warned

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The president and chief executive of an international reproductive rights non-profit has warned that the American anti-abortion movement has significantly radicalized and is working to spread its ideology around the w...

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