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Portogallo 2-0 Macedonia del Nord: World Cup playoff final – as it happened

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Bruno Fernandes was the two-goal hero as Portugal qualified for their sixth World Cup finals in a row with a fuss-free display in Porto

Costa’s win in Portugal continues comeback by Europe’s centre-left

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The unexpected triumph of António Costa’s Socialist party in Portugal’s elections this week continues a cautious comeback by Europe’s centre-left – and, analysts say, may hold some lessons in what remains a mixed pict...

António Costa pledges to make Portugal ‘fairer’ after surprise poll victory

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Portugal’s ruling Socialists are preparing for a third consecutive term after winning a surprise absolute majority in a snap general election that confounded predictions, pundits and pollsters and saw the far-right be...

Portugal votes in snap election with far right hoping to gain ground

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Portugal is voting in a snap general election that is unlikely to result in a majority government but which could lead to the far-right Chega party becoming the third largest group in parliament. Sunday’s election was...

New evidence suggests Vikings – and their mice – beat Portugal to the Azores

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They came from the land of the ice and snow and the midnight sun – but still ended up in some balmy destinations. This is the conclusion of researchers who have discovered evidence to support the idea that the Vikings...

Portugal faces snap election as parliament rejects draft budget

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Portugal’s parliament has rejected the minority Socialist government’s proposed state budget for 2022, a move expected to trigger an early election and put a brake on the country’s post-pandemic recovery plans. Dopo ...

Travel stocks hit by Portugal ‘green list’ removal; markets brace for US jobs report – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

Portugal removed from ‘green list’ of Covid travel destinations

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Portugal has been removed from the government’s “green list” of destinations from which people can return to England without having to quarantine, and no extra countries have been added, it is understood. The decision...

Weatherwatch: why Atlantic Portugal has a ‘Mediterranean climate’

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Despite not being on the Mediterranean, Portugal has what is termed a Mediterranean climate: caldo (sometimes very hot), dry and sunny summers and cooler, wetter winters. Unlike countries further east, tuttavia, its cli...

Il Portogallo deve fare di più per affrontare il passato coloniale, afferma il Consiglio d'Europa

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Il principale organismo europeo per i diritti umani ha invitato il Portogallo a fare di più per affrontare il suo passato coloniale e il suo ruolo nella tratta degli schiavi transatlantica al fine di aiutare a combattere il razzismo e la discriminazione nel paese oggi. Il c ...