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Christian Porter’s barrister should not have been barred from case because friend of accuser ‘wishes him ill’, hof gesê

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Christian Porter’s high-profile barrister should not have been barred from acting for the former attorney general in his defamation case against the ABC because a close friend of his accuser “wishes him ill”, die fee...

Christian Porter’s blind trust should be examined by parliament – but it won’t be and that’s crushingly predictable

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If you weren’t glued to the House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon, let me bring you up to speed. The Speaker of the house, Tony Smith, a cautious and considered person, examined whether or not the privileges...

Anything Goes review – Sutton Foster dazzles in Cole Porter’s fizzing tonic for our times

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Descriptions of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes seem to pour out in drink metaphors: it’s sparkling, bubbly, a tonic. It’s certainly got the giddy hopefulness of the night’s first champagne bottle popped, suspended in tha...

Friend of Christian Porter’s accuser may be forced to hand over personal messages about the case

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A close friend of the woman who accused Christian Porter of rape may be forced to hand over private communications including Facebook messages about the case as the former attorney general fights her attempt to stop h...

Friend of Christian Porter’s accuser says he has ‘clear recollectionsof ‘relevant discussionswith Porter

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A longtime friend of the woman who alleged she was raped by the federal attorney general, Christian Porter, as a teenager has said he had “clear recollections of relevant discussions” with Porter from at least 1992. T ...

Barnaby Joyce says some of Christian Porter’s colleagues want his ‘head on a plate

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Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce has made a plea for an independent inquiry into rape allegations against Christian Porter, saying many people, including some Liberal MPs, want his “head on a plate”. Portier, the attorney g...

Journalists reject Christian Porter’s claim media never contacted him on allegation details

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Journalists have rejected Christian Porter’s claim that no one from the media had ever contacted him about the specific allegations of historic rape before publishing details. At his press conference in Perth the atto...