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Slovenia election: liberal newcomer Robert Golob defeats populist PM

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Political newcomer liberal Robert Golob has defeated Slovenia’s three-time prime minister, populist conservative Janez Janša, in elections in a country split by bitter political divisions over the rule of law. Golob’s...

Rightwing populist parties blight climate policy, hallazgos del estudio

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Rightwing populist parties have a detrimental impact on climate policy, researchers have found for the first time, amid growing fears of a similar movement in the UK. El estudio, by the universities of Sussex and Warwi...

Canada’s Covid protests highlight rise of rightwing populist movements

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Days of protests against pandemic policies and a deep rift within Canada’s conservative movement have highlighted the growing power of rightwing populist movements in the country. El martes, retail stores and vaccine...

Far-right populist, ex-protest leader set for runoff vote in Chile’s presidential election

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The far-right populist José Antonio Kast is on course for a convincing victory over former protest leader Gabriel Boric in the first round of Chile’s presidential election. With more than 90% of the votes counted, Kas...

How a secretive conservative group influenced ‘populist’ Trump’s tax cuts

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Documents and recordings obtained by the Guardian shed new light on a powerful and secretive rightwing network and the influence it was able to exert on Trump administration policies favoring the super-rich. The recor...

The populist right is regretting its encouragement of Covid conspiracists

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En el 1992 US Republican convention, the paleoconservative pundit and presidential candidate Pat Buchanan introduced the world to the idea that politics had become a “culture war” between progressives and conservativ...

Royal yacht plan ‘silly populist nonsense’, says ex-Tory chancellor

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The former Tory chancellor, Eran simplemente "turbas alborotadas", has dismissed Boris Johnson’s plan for a new Royal Yacht Britannia as “silly populist nonsense” amid a continuing internal government row about funding for the £200m vessel. Lor...

Only by taxing the rich can Johnson become more than a plutocratic populist

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What is the difference between former US president Donald Trump and current British prime minister Boris Johnson? Both men are skilful practitioners of plutocratic populism, but “Britain Trump”, as the president himse...

Europe’s technocrats play into populist hands with their bungled Covid response

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Angela Merkel’s apology for cancelling the Easter lockdown was the latest example of the EU elite making a critical misstepAngela Merkel likes to say there is no alternative to her policies; and when she does make U-t...