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Zawahiri’s killing was a Biden play for popularity – but it may have unintended consequences

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A decade after US Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden in a special operation in Pakistan, Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in a US drone strike in Kabul. Both men were synonymous with the image of al-Qaida. But more than an...

Highland hounds take on Scotland’s Munros as mountain hikes rise in popularity

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Betty, a six-year-old kerry blue terrier, celebrated reaching the summit of her 282nd and final Munro – Am Basteir on Skye – with a hard-boiled egg. Her owner, Shona Marshall, toasted her dog’s entry into the rarefied...

David Squires on … Manchester City’s popularity, ballboys and Roy’s revenge

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Our cartoonist on post-match nonsense, Pep Guardiola’s complaints, Roy Hodgson and difficult viewing for Erik ten Hag

Rising popularity of VR headsets sparks 31% rise in insurance claims

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A man landing an upper-cut on the ceiling fan, a woman slamming into furniture, a guy smashing through a lighting fixture: gamers are learning, virtual reality headsets can often cause havoc at home. The trend of cras...

Joe Biden’s low point: can the president revive his sinking popularity?

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Even for a White House familiar with roadblocks and frustration, Thursday’s setbacks on vaccine mandates and voting rights came as hammer blows. Aside from the immediate derailing of two key policy tenets of Joe Biden...

Fireworks could fizzle out as drones rise in popularity for new year

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As new year approaches, crowds around the world may be expecting whizzes and bangs to light up the sky. But the appeal of fireworks could fizzle out as drones vie with the catherine wheel as the ideal way to mark the ...

‘The popularity has just completely exploded’: Rubik’s Cube’s second coming

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A stranger visiting Feliks Zemdegs’s home might mistakenly accuse him of hoarding Rubik’s Cubes almost as fast as he solves them. “I’ve never counted them," lui dice. “Probably over the years I’ve owned like 500 o 600...

Jacinda Ardern’s popularity plunges as New Zealand reckons with new era of endemic Covid

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Prime minister Jacinda Ardern’s popularity has plummeted in two new polls, as New Zealand struggles to contain a Delta outbreak and transitions to a new era of endemic Covid. The Ardern-led Labour party dropped five p...

California scrambles to ban ‘ghost guns’ as untraceable weapons’ popularity soars

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Cities across California are ramping up efforts to try to stop the flow of so-called ghost guns into their jurisdictions, as the do-it-yourself weapons appear with increasing frequency at homicide scenes, traffic stop...

Ardern’s popularity stumbles on New Zealand’s slow road to vaccination

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An unbeatable leader in times of crisis, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern’s soaring popularity has teetered on the country’s slow road to vaccination. Questa settimana, polling in New Zealand indicated some of the g...

Daily Telegraph plans to link journalistspay with article popularity

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The Daily Telegraph wants to link some elements of journalists’ pay to the popularity of their articles, an email seen by the Guardian reveals, in a plan said to have “alarmed and dismayed” staff who fear it will “ser...