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Holy bikini-clad Batwoman! Archive saves Mexico’s scorned popular films

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From demons, ghosts and vampires to Martians, mad scientists and spurned lovers, the heroes and heroines of 20th-century Mexican popular cinema faced more than their share of enemies. Few foes, sin emabargo, have proved qu...

‘Trump costumes are not popular’: what’s big for Halloween 2021

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El año 2020 was an odd one for playing dress-up. Still in the throes of the pandemic and under the shadow of the last US presidency, the bestselling fancy-dress costumes last Halloween included outfits that referenc...

In deep red West Virginia, Biden’s $3.5tn spending proposal is immensely popular

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Elizabeth Masters isn’t a natural Joe Biden supporter. A self-described conservative who lives in Parkersburg, in deeply Republican West Virginia, she said she registered to vote in the last election so she could cast...

Quality Street’s new sweet proves popular

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Christmas is, sobre todo, a time for tradition. The smallest changes can send shockwaves which disrupt longstanding routines and cause worse friction than a post-dinner game of charades. Throughout its 85-year history,...

My deep sleep quest: I tried 11 popular insomnia cures. Do any of them actually work?

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How did you sleep last night? Insomnia rates have soared during successive lockdowns: anyone would think facing a constant existential threat isn’t the ideal preparation for a refreshing eight hours. Suggested remedie...

‘I found my identity’: how TikTok is changing the lives of its popular Indigenous creators

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Growing up in the foster care system, Nich Richie never really felt connected to Indigenous culture. “I didn’t have ready access to information growing up … I didn’t know anything about Indigenous people’s culture. I ...

This year’s World Book Day set to be most popular ever

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Organisers are predicting that Thursday’s World Book Day will be the biggest ever after a pre-event on Wednesday saw a record 20,000 children taking part online – more than 20 times more young people than attended a s...