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The Guardian view on Tory election bill: rigging polls to win

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In a democracy, it is vital that elections are both secure and open to all. Voters must trust the result and know that it has not been fraudulently obtained. Polls suggest that they do: public confidence in elections ...

Polls overstated Democratic support ‘across the board’ in 2020 elections, study shows

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Political polls regarding US elections in 2020 overstated Democratic support “across the board”, US political scientists found, while understating support for Republicans and Donald Trump. The finding, which will ala...

Armenia polls upheld by court as opposition loses appeal

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Armenia’s constitutional court on Saturday rejected an appeal challenging the results of the country’s snap parliamentary election. The court’s verdict upheld the victory of acting prime minister Nikol Pashinyan’s par...

Batley and Spen byelection: voters head to polls after bitter campaign battle

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Voters in the West Yorkshire constituency of Batley and Spen go to the polls today in a byelection touted as a fundamental test of Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership of the Labour party. Labour is defending a majority of m...

The Guardian view on France’s regional polls: democracy a big loser

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The morning after the final round of France’s regional elections, the two most likely contenders for the Élysée in next year’s presidential elections were left licking their wounds. Marine Le Pen’s far-right Rassemble...

Macron and Le Pen face new test as France votes again in regional polls

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France began voting in the second round of regional elections on Sunday after a first round that resulted in a drubbing for President Emmanuel Macron’s ruling party, disappointment for Marine Le Pen’s far right and a ...

Germany’s Greens back Baerbock for chancellorship despite dip in polls

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Germany’s Green party has said it remains confident of securing the chancellorship and succeeding Angela Merkel at the country’s autumn election despite a drop in the polls, as it officially endorsed its lead candidat...

Bashar al-Assad tightens grip on power as Syria goes to polls

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Tyrant, war criminal, mob boss or, to his loyalists, their shrewd saviour: views about Bashar al-Assad rarely fall in between. As the Syrian leader faces a presidential poll on Wednesday – the result a foregone conclu...

Elezioni 2021: voters head to polls across Scotland, Wales and England for devolved and local elections – live news

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: ballots cast in largest test of political opinion outside of a general election

Labour candidate for West Midlands mayor bullish in face of worrying polls

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With two days to go before the England’s local elections, Liam Byrne’s pedometer showed he had already walked 29 miles this week, more than a marathon’s worth of door knocking and walkabouts as Labour desperately trie...

Israel election results: Netanyahu ahead in exit polls

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Ruling Likud party leading but short of decisive parliamentary majority to end political deadlockExit polls from Israel’s fourth election within two years suggested Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party was ahead bu...