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High-spend politics might make great TV, but democracy pays the price for it

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (pre-Brexit that is), I was vaguely involved in British politics. One thing that always stood out for me was how people from both main parties would often complain that Britis...

‘Politics should steer clear’: rainbow flag set to fly over Wimmera

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A special meeting of West Wimmera Shire council has overturned a decision against flying the rainbow flag. The council ruling clears the way for the internationally recognised pride flag to fly above the rural Victori...

How senior GOP figures tried to oust Trump: Politics Weekly America podcast

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This week Jonathan Freedland speaks to Jonathan Martin of the New York Times after the publication of his new book This Will Not Pass and what he and his co-author Alexander Burns unearthed about events behind the sce...

I called out sexual harassment in local politics. I was shunned and insulted, but it worked

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Everyone is talking about the misogynistic culture of politics. And when I am asked, as a youngish woman in local politics, whether I have experienced any, I hesitate – “How long have you got?” I wonder. Perché, sì,...

Met Gala 2022: politics rises to the surface on fashion’s biggest night

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Politics – personal, contemporary and historic – were close to the surface on New York’s Upper East Side on Monday night as 600 guests, invited to celebrate America’s Gilded Age at the Met Gala, offered their own inte...

‘It’s a bit of a circus’: the Northern Irish voters tired of polarised politics

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On the streets of Enniskillen, a handful of twentysomething women, all from a unionist background, discuss this week’s elections. The Northern Ireland protocol does not come up once, but what does surface repeatedly a...

Orrin Hatch, Republican senator and fixture in Utah politics, dies at 88

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Orrin Hatch, the longest-serving Republican senator in history who was a fixture in Utah politics for more than four decades, died Saturday at 88. His death was announced in a statement from his foundation, which did ...

Lie, deny and move on – the Johnson mantra is a plague on British politics

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Boris Johnson was never going to resign if he didn’t have to. This is all about the Tory party’s view of him now. The party knows as well as you or I that Johnson lied about the lockdown parties. It knows that the lie...

Commons Speaker calls for ‘nicer and kinder’ politics after David Amess murder

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The Commons Speaker has called for a “nicer and kinder politics within the chamber” in the wake of the conviction of Sir David Amess’s murderer. Lindsay Hoyle told BBC Radio 4: “I want a nicer politics. If we haven’t ...

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