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Dominic Raab and Angela Rayner clash over energy crisis and cost of living at deputy PMQs – UK politics live

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Live updates: deputy PM stands in for Boris Johnson to take questions in House of Commons

Starmer set for battle with Labour left as he unveils plan to change leadership election rules – politics live

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Starmer tells colleagues he wants to change rules for electing leader and deputy and to limit role of party conference in deciding detail of policy

UK gas supply robust and talk of three-day week ‘alarmist and misguided’, says business secretary – politics live

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Nuutste opdaterings: Kwasi Kwarteng makes Commons statement after talks with energy companies and watchdog

Pandemic mutual aid has shown us an altogether different way of doing politics

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When Slung Low theatre in Leeds closed during the first lockdown in March last year, its five core staff decided to stay put. The publicly funded theatre had cash and a van, so the staff leafleted the theatre’s neighb...

UK politics: Starmer says Labour will not back plan to raise national insurance to fund social care – live

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Labour leader says increasing national insurance ‘hits low earners, young people and businesses’

Rise of populism down to failure of mainstream politics, says Ed Milband

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The rise of populism is “testimony to the failure of mainstream politics” and politicians need to understand the “pain” of voters, Ed Miliband has said. The shadow business secretary said it was important to give answ...

Australia politics live news: calls to stick to national plan for reopening; NSW works on back-to-school roadmap

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Scott Morrison challenging the states to stick to reopening as outlined in Doherty report as Gladys Berejiklian promises return-to-school plan by week’s end. Follow updates live

‘I could have had a midlife crisis’: Ed Balls on cooking and life after politics

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Ed Balls is unhappy about the mess. They say you can judge a cook by how he cleans and Britain’s one-time education minister, shadow chancellor of the exchequer and most popular Gangnam Style tribute act is surrounded...

Office politics: firms still grappling with home working puzzle

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As the pandemic struck wealthy economies in early 2020, werkers (in white-collar jobs, ten minste) found themselves carrying out their duties from home. Now that vaccination programmes are continuing apace, more compani...

From the archive: Cuomo’s demise – Politics Weekly Extra

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A week after Andrew Cuomo resigned as the governor of the state of New York, Jonathan Freedland revisits a conversation he had with Alexis Grenell back in March. The pair discuss how Cuomo rose to the top, and then fe...

How did UK ministers fail to see the fall of Afghanistan: Politics Weekly podcast

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Taking a break from our summer series, Jessica Elgot and Dan Sabbagh discuss what the UK government can do after the Taliban completed their takeover of Afghanistan much more quickly than many ministers were expecting...

Keith Pitt on Australia’s energy ambitionsAustralian politics podcast

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Katharine Murphy speaks with the federal resources minister, Keith Pitt, about the government’s gas-fired recovery plan, the export of energy resources and Australia’s record on climate action ...

Doherty Institute’s Jodie McVernon on Covid modelling – Australian politics podcast

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Katharine Murphy speaks with Prof Jodie McVernon, the director of epidemiology at the Doherty Institute, about how lockdowns went from being unacceptable in democracies to front and centre of the pandemic response – a...

The Republicans confusing the vaccine effort: Politics Weekly Extra

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Jessica Glenza and Jonathan Freedland discuss how party politics is playing a role in helping – and hindering – public health messaging How to listen to podcasts: alles ...

How politics became a contest dominated by two kinds of elite

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Given the steep rise in economic inequality in many parts of the world since the 1980s, one might have expected to see increasing political demands for the redistribution of wealth and the return of class-based politi...

Saga of sprinter shows nothing in Belarus is outside politics

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The saga of the sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya has shown how the Belarusian government’s brutal suppression of all criticism has politicised the lives and actions of even those hesitant to openly oppose the country’...

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