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Russian far-right politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky dies at 75

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Vladimir Zhirinovsky, an ultranationalist Russian politician who imitated a political opposition to Vladimir Putin for decades while playing the court jester in Russia’s parliament, ha muerto envejecido 75. The cause appeare...

Sri Lanka facing imminent threat of starvation, senior politician warns

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Sri Lanka is facing the imminent threat of starvation for its population of 22 million as the economic crisis in the country continues to worsen and food becomes increasingly scarce, a senior politician has warned. Sp...

Far-right politician booted out of Zinedine Zidane’s football club

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In the unexpected clash between an anti-immigration French politician and a sporting hero whose parents emigrated to France, the final result was clear: Zemmour 0 – Zidane 1. A week from the first round of the French ...

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[object Window]. Pero la declaración de primavera del canciller había aterrizado muerta al llegar y ni siquiera las voces generalmente amigables de los medios de comunicación de derecha encontraron algo p...

El republicano Royce White no es el deportista promedio convertido en político

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El republicano Royce White no es el deportista promedio convertido en político. El republicano Royce White no es el deportista promedio convertido en político. El republicano Royce White no es el deportista promedio convertido en político.

Biden recalls putting dead dog on Republican voter’s doorstep as young politician

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During a speech on Tuesday, Joe Biden jokingly reminisced about putting a dead dog on a Republican woman’s doorstep during his time serving in county government when he was in his 20s. While giving remarks at the Nati...

Chechen politician threatens to ‘rip heads off’ family of activist

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A Chechen politician has threatened to “rip the heads off” the family of an anti-torture activist whose mother was arrested and forcibly returned to the tightly controlled republic. Zarema Musayeva, the mother of Abub...

No friendly politician is too obscure for insecure China, not even Barry Gardiner

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The Chinese Communist party appears utterly deluded. Hasn’t it learned in its 100-year history that some politicians aren’t worth buying? Wasting its money, or rather the money of the subjugated Chinese people, on Bar...

Bobby Rush, único político en ganar contra Obama, retirarse del Congreso

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El único político que ha vencido a Barack Obama se retirará del Congreso de los Estados Unidos a finales de año.. Bobby Rush, un representante demócrata de Illinois, se enfrentó a Obama en una primaria de la Cámara de Representantes en 2000 - y lo golpeó por m ...

Ride on, baby: NZ politician cycles to hospital to give birth – for the second time

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New Zealand MP Julie Anne Genter got on her bicycle early on Sunday and headed to the hospital. She was already in labour and she gave birth an hour later. “Big news!” the Greens politician posted on her Facebook page...

Minnesota politician backs fundraiser for alleged Capitol attackers

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A Minnesota politician has promoted a fundraiser for several constituents who are charged with participation in the deadly 6 Ataque de enero al Capitolio de EE. UU., saying they come from a “good family”. The Republican stat...

Ministro, esto es inapropiado!: Político español provoca polémica tras comentarios sobre turismo volcánico

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El ministro de Turismo de España ha sido acusado de insensibilidad después de sugerir que una erupción volcánica devastadora y en curso en la isla canaria de La Palma podría usarse como una "atracción" para atraer a los visitantes al archipiélago..

‘Please explain what OG means’: delight as Fiji politician discovers Twitter

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A leading opposition MP from Fiji is delighting new social media followers with his wide-eyed discovery of Twitter, even as the country is experiencing heightened political tensions. Pio Tikoduadua, who is the preside...

Alleged killing of migrant by far-right politician prompts Italy gun control row

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A row over privately owned guns has been ignited in Italy after a councillor with the far-right League party allegedly shot dead an immigrant. Massimo Adriatici, a councillor for security in Voghera, is under house ar...

Ban Amnesty over Pegasus leaks role, Indian politician urges

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The chief minister of the Indian state of Assam has called for Amnesty International to be banned in the country and accused it of a conspiracy to “defame” the prime minister, Narendra Modi, over its role in the explo...

Rome politician blames vengeful gardeners for bomb scare

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A local politician in Rome has said he believed a bomb planted on his car was a response to him reporting wrongdoing, including absenteeism among municipal gardeners. Marco Doria, Rome’s councillor for the redevelopme...

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