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Look at Omicron data before any interest rate rise, says Bank policymaker

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The Bank of England could benefit from waiting to see the impact of the Omicron coronavirus variant on the UK economy before raising interest rates, one of its policymakers has said. Michael Saunders said he believed ...

Interest rate rise unlikely before Christmas, says Bank policymaker

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An interest rate rise before Christmas is unlikely despite rising energy prices and supply shortages that are expected to push inflation towards 5%, according to the Bank of England policymaker Silvana Tenreyro. Setti...

Banco de Inglaterra: Moves to curb inflation would be premature, warns policymaker

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Britain’s economy is not out of the woods and the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has been only partly repaired, a Bank of England policymaker has said. Speaking as fresh figures showed only a modest impact on ...