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Biden to reinstate Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ migrant policy

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The Biden administration said on Friday it plans to reinstate the Trump-era border policy known as Remain in Mexico, which forced at least 70,000 asylum seekers to stay in Mexico, many for extended periods and in depr...

Cabinet policy obliges ministers to delete instant messages

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Ministers and civil servants are required by policy to set instant messaging chats to delete automatically, it has been revealed, as a judicial review over the government’s use of self-destructing messages was given t...

Labour squares off against Gove with housing policy ahead of party conference – UK politics live

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Nuutste opdaterings: party plans to slash affordable rents and give first-time buyers exclusive rights to purchase new-build homes

Covid and Afghanistan ‘reveal weakness of UK’s security policy’

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The rapid fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the response to the Covid-19 pandemic have revealed “serious weaknesses” in the government’s approach to dealing with national security, according to a highly critical ...

PM condemned for joke about UK becoming ‘Saudi Arabia of penal policy’

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A joke by Boris Johnson that the UK could become “the Saudi Arabia of penal policy” under Priti Patel has been condemned as “disgusting” and a “new low” by opposition politicians. The prime minister made the remarks, ...

EU has no choice but to engage with Taliban, says foreign policy chief

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The EU has no choice but to engage with the Taliban government in Afghanistan and will maintain a diplomatic presence in Kabul, the union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, gesê het. In a speech in the European pa...

Arbeidersparty belowe etiese kern van Brittanje se buitelandse beleid

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Die Arbeidersparty het Sondag belowe om 'n einde te maak aan wat hy die konserwatiewe regering se 'korporatiewe gesentreerde benadering' noem om handel te dryf en die beleid oor die beskerming van werkers se regte en belange in die VK en in die buiteland te herbou ....

Players urge Fifa to change ‘deeply discriminatory’ women’s futsal policy

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The world’s most prominent female futsal players have called on Fifa to end its “deeply discriminatory” approach to the women’s game by launching a World Cup to bring parity with the men’s Fifa-sanctioned small-sided ...

What’s next for American foreign policy?

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The 20th anniversary of 9/11 and its fallout was always going to be a moment of deep soul searching about what has been lost and learned. But the retrospective, until a few weeks ago, risked having a historical, even ...

Afghan who arrived in UK at 14 ‘left in limbo’ under Home Office policy

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An Afghan man who arrived in the UK at the age of 14 after fleeing persecution has been “left in limbo” because of a Home Office policy blocking decisions on all asylum claims from Afghanistan. The 26-year-old Afghan ...

Biden urged to scrap Trump ‘Remain in Mexico’ migrant policy after court ruling

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Democratic lawmakers and immigration advocates are pressing Joe Biden to take new steps to end an immigration policy begun by his predecessor, Donald Trump, after the US supreme court ordered that the controversial “r...

Martin Rowson on Joe Biden’s foreign policy — cartoon

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R&A scrap ‘no-readmission’ policy at Open tournament from 2022

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The R&A is to scrap a controversial ‘no-readmission’ policy for those attending the Open, starting at St Andrews in 2022. Sedert 2017 at Royal Birkdale, Open ticket holders have had no scope to leave and return to ...

Supreme court orders Biden to revive Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico’ policy

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The US supreme court on Tuesday denied Joe Biden’s bid to rescind an immigration policy implemented by his predecessor, Donald Trump, that forced thousands of asylum seekers to stay in Mexico awaiting US hearings. Th ...

Prudential won’t pay up on our paid-up policy

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Way back in 1955, my parents both took out life insurance policies with the Prudential. In 1993 they were told by the company that the policies were “paid-up”, meaning they no longer had to pay any premiums, but the p...

The Tampa affair, 20 jare aan: the ship that capsized Australia’s refugee policy

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Even to Abbas Nazari’s disoriented seven-year-old mind, the faint “upside-down triangle” on the horizon represented one thing: salvation. Weakened by dehydration and illness, battered by the terrifying storm that had ...

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