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Major shortcomings in England and Wales policing persist, cane da guardia dice

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Major shortcomings persist in England and Wales’s police forces, the outgoing chief inspector of constabulary has warned, as he said one of the most important missions was to “rebuild public trust”. Sir Tom Winsor, in...

Rapper Nipsey Hussle and the problem of predictive policing

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He was one of LA’s most-loved rappers, and a pillar of his community. But records disclosed after his death revealed that he was also the target of an extensive Los Angeles policing operation ...

‘Oppressive and wrong’: green activists urge Labour to vote against policing bill

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Climate activist groups are urging the Labour party to oppose a policing bill they say will undermine the right to protest at a critical moment in the fight to avoid climate breakdown. Youth campaigners have joined ot...

I test di viaggio PCR richiedono una migliore sorveglianza, avverte l'ex capo del cane da guardia Andrew Tyrie

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Il servizio scadente da parte dei fornitori di test di viaggio PCR è "un problema di rilevanza nazionale", e le autorità di regolamentazione non stanno facendo abbastanza per sorvegliare centinaia di nuove imprese che sono entrate nel mercato, l'ex competizione ...

The Stephen Port scandal is another betrayal of public trust. The UK deserves better policing

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Day by day, the UK’s police service is being hit by scandals that dominate the front pages of every newspaper. Today it is the failure to protect London’s gay community and to stop the serial killer Stephen Port. Ma ...

Not doing enough? France senses policing alone won’t stop risky crossings

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Behind Boris Johnson’s suggestions, in the wake of the Channel drownings, that France was not doing enough to stop small boat crossings, lies a more complex picture. There is a growing sense among charities and the Fr...

LAPD shut down two predictive policing programs amid public outcry. A new program shares much of the flaws

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The Los Angeles police department has been a pioneer in predictive policing, for years touting avant-garde programs that use historical data and software to predict future crime. But newly revealed public documents de...

Cop26 protesters urge Sturgeon to act over ‘intimidating’ policing

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Climate campaigners attending the Cop26 summit are urging Nicola Sturgeon to intervene in what they describe as intimidating and heavy-handed policing of protests in Glasgow. The open letter from the Cop26 Coalition, ...

Policing pregnancy while corporate drug pushers go free shows warped values

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Brittney Poolaw is going to prison for having a miscarriage. Last week the 21-year-old Oklahoma woman was convicted of manslaughter in the first degree after losing her baby at 17 settimane. She’s already spent a year an...

France calls on UK to ‘pay what it owes’ for policing Channel

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The French interior minister has called for the start of negotiations for a migration treaty between the European Union and Britain. Gérald Darmanin also urged the British government to “uphold its promise” to finance...

Cop26 activists fear influx of English officers endangers ‘friendly’ policing

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Climate campaigners are worried an influx of officers from elsewhere in the UK will undermine Police Scotland’s commitment to rights-based policing of protests at Cop26. Groups planning protests around the critical No...

Aurora police have pattern of racially biased policing, Colorado AG says

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Aurora police department has a pattern of racially biased policing, Colorado’s attorney general said Wednesday, following a civil rights investigation that began amid outrage over the killing of Elijah McClain. Attorn...

Policing bill will deepen racial and gender disparities, dire esperti

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A new policing bill that will be debated this week risks deepening racial and gender disparities in the justice system while forcing professionals to betray the trust of vulnerable people, hundreds of experts and a re...

Policing minister defends changes to stop and search in crime plan

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The policing minister has defended plans to ease restrictions on stop and search powers for police saying there is no feasible alternative if knife crime is to be tackled. Amid alarm from campaigners at the permanent...

sgomberare scaffali e inscatolare merci da spedire in vendita altrove: UK health secretary apologises over ‘cower’ tweet; policing minister sorry over border delays

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: Sajid Javid sorry for ‘poor choice of words’ after criticism from victims’ families; Kit Malthouse has apologised for delays at the borders

Mexican army swallows up national guard to take on bigger policing role

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Mexico’s president has announced plans to make the national guard part of the army, erasing the thin pretense of a civilian-controlled force that was used to gain approval for its creation two years ago. President And...

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