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Policing pregnancy while corporate drug pushers go free shows warped values

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Brittney Poolaw is going to prison for having a miscarriage. Last week the 21-year-old Oklahoma woman was convicted of manslaughter in the first degree after losing her baby at 17 semanas. She’s already spent a year an...

Francia pide al Reino Unido que "pague lo que debe" por vigilar Channel

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El ministro del Interior francés ha pedido el inicio de negociaciones para un tratado migratorio entre la Unión Europea y Reino Unido.. Gérald Darmanin también instó al gobierno británico a "mantener su promesa" de financiar..

Cop26 activists fear influx of English officers endangers ‘friendly’ policing

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Climate campaigners are worried an influx of officers from elsewhere in the UK will undermine Police Scotland’s commitment to rights-based policing of protests at Cop26. Groups planning protests around the critical No...

Aurora police have pattern of racially biased policing, Colorado AG says

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Aurora police department has a pattern of racially biased policing, Colorado’s attorney general said Wednesday, following a civil rights investigation that began amid outrage over the killing of Elijah McClain. Attorn...

Policing bill will deepen racial and gender disparities, dicen expertos

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A new policing bill that will be debated this week risks deepening racial and gender disparities in the justice system while forcing professionals to betray the trust of vulnerable people, hundreds of experts and a re...

Policing minister defends changes to stop and search in crime plan

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The policing minister has defended plans to ease restrictions on stop and search powers for police saying there is no feasible alternative if knife crime is to be tackled. Amid alarm from campaigners at the permanent...

Covid en vivo: UK health secretary apologises over ‘cower’ tweet; policing minister sorry over border delays

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Últimas actualizaciones: Sajid Javid sorry for ‘poor choice of words’ after criticism from victims’ families; Kit Malthouse has apologised for delays at the borders

Mexican army swallows up national guard to take on bigger policing role

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Mexico’s president has announced plans to make the national guard part of the army, erasing the thin pretense of a civilian-controlled force that was used to gain approval for its creation two years ago. President And...

Brooklyn Center approves policing changes after Daunte Wright shooting

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Elected officials in the Minneapolis suburb where a police officer shot dead Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in April have approved a plan to dramatically change policing practices. The Brooklyn Center city counc...

The Covid fines paint a bleak picture of pandemic policing that’s going to get worse

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When the government handed the police emergency powers to detain and fine people under emergency coronavirus regulations last year, anti-racists warned that some communities would be disproportionately affected. I was...

Tim Scott ‘hopeful’ deal can be reached with Democrats on US policing reform

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Tim Scott, the Republican senator leading negotiations with Democrats over police reform, who insisted during his rebuttal to Joe Biden’s address to Congress the US was not a racist country, said on Sunday he was “hop...

The Glass Shield: a forgotten 90s drama shows the danger of broken policing

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As a Black man living in America, these past few weeks haven’t been good. The African-American community has once again had to endure images of Black men and women being terrorized and/or tragically killed by the poli...

Squats, frog hops and batons: policing lockdown in India – video

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In the Indian city of Mandsaur, police officers have been seen hitting people with batons for breaching lockdown rules as the country struggles to contain a deadly second wave of Covid-19 cases. Police officers were a...

Eight officers injured policing anti-lockdown protest in London

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Eight police officers have been injured as they dispersed crowds during an anti-lockdown protest in central London on Saturday. Five people were arrested for offences that included assault on police officers, the Metr...

DoJ to investigate Minneapolis police – but can federal oversight change policing culture?

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Seven years ago, the city of Portland, Oregon was forced to admit that its police officers were shooting too many unarmed people, and it agreed to a program of reform under the oversight of a federal judge. Last month...

George Floyd case reignites calls to tackle racial injustice in UK policing

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The conviction of a US police officer for murdering George Floyd has reignited calls to tackle racial injustice in British law enforcement, with campaigners calling for an end to a “culture of impunity”. Video of whit...

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