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‘Asleep at the wheel’: Canada police’s spyware admission raises alarm

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An admission from Canada’s national police force that it routinely uses powerful spyware to surveil citizens has prompted concern from experts, who warn the country is “asleep at the wheel” when it comes to regulating...

No 10 staff warned not to confer in replies to Met police’s parties inquiry

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Downing Street staff have been told not to confer with each other when answering a Metropolitan police questionnaire about potentially Covid rule-breaking parties, with a warning this could constitute a “separate offe...

The Metropolitan police’s integrity is now at risk in the ‘partygate’ affair

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We find ourselves in the dreadful position that both those running the country and those in charge of our largest police force are accused of misusing their positions (Sue Gray report: redacted version is imminent, sa...

‘I wanted to present a human side’: West Midlands police’s artist in residence on building bridges

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Stories of the disintegrating relationship between the police and young black people are endless, but an artist behind an unlikely new project hopes he can help break down barriers. Kay Rufai was enlisted by West Midl...

It’s not the police’s job to shut down political debate. They should stick to solving crime

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A man gets a call from a police officer. He is told that, while he has done nothing criminal, his social media posts have offended someone, so the police have recorded them as a non-crime hate incident that may show u...

Arrest footage and teargas raise concerns about Victoria police’s use of force to quell protests

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The use of weapons like teargas and stinger grenades and vision of a man being thrown to the ground by a Victorian police officer at Flinders Street Station has raised concerns about police’s use of force during the o...