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Noticias de coronavirus en vivo: Poland enters fifth Covid wave; Australia reports record daily death toll

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Australia reports deadliest day of pandemic so far with record number of 74 fallecidos; Poland says it expects case numbers to hit new highs in coming weeks

Europe closer to war now than at any point in last 30 años, Poland warns – video

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Poland's foreign minister has warned that Europe is closer to war than it has been at any time in the last three decades, at the launch of his country's year-long chairing of the region's largest security organisation...

Poland angers US by rushing through media law amid concerns over press freedom

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Poland’s parliament passed a media bill that detractors say aims to silence a news channel critical of the government, in an unexpected move that will stoke concern over media freedom and reopen a diplomatic dispute w...

Will a work trip to Poland mean I have to isolate for 90 dias?

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I have to travel to Poland for work in a fortnight. New travel rules mean I will have to take a Covid PCR test on day two of my return. sin embargo, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) website states that PCR ...

Poland plans to set up register of pregnancies to report miscarriages

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The Polish government are planning to introduce a centralised register of pregnancies which would oblige doctors to report all pregnancies and miscarriages to the government. The proposed register would come into effe...

Poland warns of ‘armed’ attempts on its border as Germany urges EU to act

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Poland has warned of an “armed” escalation of conflict involving migrants massed near the border with Belarus, as the global community reacted to the latest grim chapter in Europe’s migrant crisis. Having blocked hund...

Poland fined €1m a day over controversial judicial system changes

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Poland has been fined €1m (£845,000) a day by the European court of justice for ignoring a ruling that it must suspend its controversial judicial system changes. The inflammatory move, which runs contrary to recent wo...

Poland criticised over stranded migrants after seventh death at border

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Polish police have found another body near the border with Belarus amid fresh allegations that Warsaw is breaking international law in its treatment of migrants stranded in harrowing conditions on the EU’s eastern fro...

Gareth Southgate warns of ‘dangerous moment’ before Poland clash

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Gareth Southgate has said that England are going into games full of confidence after proving they can compete with the best at Euro 2020 but has warned against complacency. England are firmly in control of their World...

Poland halts Afghan evacuations as airlift winds down

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Poland has ended its involvement in airlift evacuations from Afghanistan amid growing signs that the brief and chaotic air bridge that has rescued tens of thousands of people may be rapidly coming to an end. With both...

Poland backs down in row with EU over disciplining judges

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Poland has told the European Union it will shut down a chamber at its supreme court devoted to disciplining judges, an issue that has been at the heart of a dispute between Warsaw and Brussels. The Polish government s...

US ‘deeply troubled’ by controversial Poland media bill

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Washington has said it is “deeply troubled” by a controversial media bill in Poland that with its chaotic passage through parliament has raised questions over the ruling Law and Justice party’s (PiS) long-term prospec...

‘Legal Polexit’: Poland court rules EU measures unconstitutional

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Poland’s top court has ruled that measures imposed by the European court of justice against the country’s controversial judicial reforms are unconstitutional, in a decision that could have far-reaching implications fo...

Polonia: thousands turn out for Warsaw Pride march

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Thousands marched through central Warsaw on Saturday in an “equality parade”, amid what campaigners say has been a rising tide of homophobia in Poland in recent years. LGBT rights have become a central part of a wider...

Polonia desafía la orden judicial de la UE de cerrar una importante mina de carbón marrón

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El gobierno de Polonia ha desafiado una orden judicial del máximo tribunal de la Unión Europea que ordenó el cierre inmediato de una importante mina de carbón marrón., con funcionarios diciendo que sacudiría el sistema energético de la nación y conduciría a la.

Poland activists urge people to think before ticking Catholic box in census

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Activists in Poland are asking people to consider if they are truly Roman Catholic when filling out a national census, hoping a more accurate picture of the country’s makeup will challenge a government narrative of ne...

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