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Fever Dream review – slow-acting poison infuses Chile-set thriller

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There’s an oppressive malevolence to Peruvian director Claudia Llosa’s adaptation of Samanta Schweblin’s novel that seeps through Fever Dream like a slow-acting poison. A sinuous, eddying storyline loops back to explo...

Get off my lettuce! Three quick ways to deter snails without poison

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Anyone who has ever had a tree get in the way of a breathtaking view or pending development approval will know the consequence of a copper coin – come on, we’re all aware of this nasty poisoning tactic! But did you kn...

Mouse plague poison kills dozens of birds in New South Wales

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Dozens of birds have been killed through poisoning amid concerns that methods to eradicate a growing mouse plague in eastern Australia are hitting other wildlife. The New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency ha...

Dogs ‘on death row’ after baits used to control Australian mouse plague poison pets

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Mouse bait is proving lethal not only for the biblical number of rodents sweeping through northern New South Wales and southern Queensland but also other animals, including domestic pets, in the affected area. Jason S...

Rat poison found in bodies of 80% of American eagles

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Rat poison has been found in the bodies of an estimated 80% of American eagles, according to a new study from the University of Georgia. By examining the carcasses of golden and bald eagles found between 2014 en 201...

Eddie Jones accuses media of infecting England playersheads with ‘rat poison

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Eddie Jones has made the bizarre claim that his England players’ heads have been infected with “rat poison” in a remarkable outburst directed at media critics, insisting he is constantly having to protect his squad.En...