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Richard Osman to step down from BBC quizshow Pointless

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Richard Osman is to step down as a presenter on the daytime quizshow Pointless, the BBC has said. Although Osman, 51, who has presented the show alongside Alexander Armstrong since 2009, is stepping back from the main...

Revisión de Morbius: hilo ridículamente inútil de Jekyll y Hyde vampiro-monstruo

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Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman review – pointless portrait of a serial killer

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I couldn’t stomach this pointless and dull drama about the FBI hunt for loathsome serial killer Ted Bundy. It comes on the heels of the Zac Efron biopic and Netflix’s documentary series based on prison tape recordings...

It’s pointless attacking Britain’s pension increase. Ultimately we’ll all benefit from it

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Britain is a nation of pensioners (around a quarter of the population) and aspirational pensioners (everybody else). Old age is not something the young tend to want to contemplate but it will descend on most of us, un...

Hora, teaching and tutoring? The UK government has coined yet another pointless slogan

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The government’s vision to restore a year of lost education to England’s children has had the ramshackle start you might have expected. It unveiled a plan so bad that the man holding the title of education recovery co...

‘One name in a long list’: the pointless death of another West Bank teenager

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Ruta 60, the north-south artery that carves its way through the West Bank, is both the lifeblood of the region and a source of daily fear. Flanked in parts by 2.5-metre-high (8pie) separation barriers, military checkp...

New-look Champions League is a pointless waste of time that will destroy the drama

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After being eliminated by Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-final in 2018, Juventus took decisive action. What was needed, they decided, was a guarantee of goals who could transform their two defeats in fina...